How Do I Make My Hookah Smoke Thicker?

The primary reason why people smoke shisha is the kick. However, there’s another reason why hookah lovers go gaga over it-its thick clouds of smoke. The thicker clouds give smokers a sense of accomplishment while adding to the fun. Shisha fans love to create different patterns with the smoke they let out. For this, it is important … Read more

How To Clean Your Hookah Pipe?

Planning a shisha party with your friends at your home and being struck with a clogged hookah pipe? That’s because you have made full use of your hookah stand by now. With regular use your hookah stand gets quite dirty over time. Washing the stand regularly is of utmost importance as it helps maintain hygiene as well … Read more

How Hookah Is Different From Vaping?

Vape and Hookah both are trends nowadays; if you do a simple poll asking people what do they love smoking? I bet maximum would say Hookah or Vape. A new report published by CDC suggests cigarette consumption has declined over years.  Yet, new data released in today’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report show that nearly 1 in 7 … Read more

Hookah Or Shisha? How is it called

Shisha is the same thing as Hookah. The new smoking methods and devices such as the shisha and hookah have become increasingly popular, especially amongst teens and the youth, in recent years as people take them up for recreational use or as a less harmful alternative to the deadly, more expensive cigarette.  Hookah It is … Read more

Hookah Mistakes That Make You Look Like A Noob

The hookah smoking device long ago ceased to be exotic in our area and went far beyond the limits of specialized cafes. Today you will not surprise anyone with homemade hookahs of Egyptian, Syrian or Chinese production, although some thirty years ago there was no talk of any popularization. USA hookah were sometimes brought from the trip … Read more

Crown Hookah Bowl

The Crown Hookah bowl was introduced by Minzari. A crown bowl is similar to Inverted Bowl. It has of two bowls. The upper bowl is packed with shisha tobacco and the bottom bowls hold the charcoals. Crown bowls provide easy to control the amount of heating of the tobacco and longer-lasting shisha flavors tobacco without any harshness. 1. Pros And Cons 2. How … Read more