Hookah Mistakes That Make You Look Like A Noob

The hookah smoking device long ago ceased to be exotic in our area and went far beyond the limits of specialized cafes. Today you will not surprise anyone with homemade hookahs of Egyptian, Syrian or Chinese production, although some thirty years ago there was no talk of any popularization. USA hookah were sometimes brought from the trip as a souvenir, and not all of the traveler’s guests could guess what kind of device it was.

Today, almost everyone knows what a hookah is and what it is for. In the heading of hookahs, you can find a lot of useful information about plugs, hookah structure, various tobacco mixes, and the rules for making a delicious hookah. But today, let’s talk about the most common mistakes that noobs make when making a hookah.

The most common hookah mistakes in the preparation of hookahs by beginners or not quite experienced masters of hookah art are, in most cases, inattention to their work. When the hookah is not the same, or the most common mistakes when making a hookah.

Mistake 1 – Pouring Too Much Water Into The Bowl

As you know, water in a hookah acts as a filter, but if you fill the entire flask with water, you don’t leave enough space for filtered smoke. Briefly, the movement of air in a hookah can be described as follows: you inhale air, it passes through the bowl of the hookah with tobacco, then through the shaft, through the water, and only then enters your lungs. When you exhale in the opposite direction (blowing in the hookah), air exits through the valve and up through the bowl. As a rule, the hookah flask should be filled up to one-third with water. This is sufficient to filter out the smoke.

Regularly, in many guides on methods of hookah driving, there are the notorious 2 centimeters of indentation of the lower part from the upper part. It is logical to assume that people know what they are writing about, but believe me, if you go against the crowd and pour 1 cm of water, or, oh god, 1.5. Nothing will change. In any case, no one canceled the variability of using the liquid in the vessel. Experiment to find the optimal smoking experience.

Mistake 2 – Useing Fast-Burning Coals

All fast-burning coals are creepy chemicals. They give the finished hookah the taste of saltpeter. In the article “What charcoal to choose for a hookah” I wrote that coconut charcoal is considered the best. It so happens that you want to smoke a hookah in nature, but there is no stove for lighting coals there. In this case, I advise you to get a burner and still spend time lighting normal coals.

If you are not careful in this matter and force through the room with charcoal in tongs, then very soon your floor covering will take on the outlines of black islands, thanks to the incredible burning temperature of the hookah coals. When coal falls, the question of the possibility of lifting it with your hand to the floor is eliminated, you will add problems to your fingers.

Mistake 3 – Adding Alcohol To The Bowl

As mentioned above, the water in the hookah is designed to filter smoke and mitigate its harmful effects. If instead of water, pour alcohol into the hookah, nothing good will come of it. In the best case, you will get a headache, in the worst case, you will get poisoning with alcohol vapors. Intoxication in this case occurs instantly, and there is nothing good in such an impact.

Mistake 4 – To Ram The Tobacco With Air Clogging

There are many fillings, here we are talking about classic air fillings when tobacco is loosely packed into a hookah bowl with several holes. Ramming takes place when a bowl with one hole is driven. Air clogging is airy because you need to leave room in the tobacco for air to pass through. There is no need to close the holes, stuff a lot of tobacco into the bowl, and tamp it. Hookah just won’t smoke.

Mistake 5 – Stacking Tobacco Close To Foil Paper When Air-Filled

Here, again, we are not talking about driving an overpack, where tobacco is placed with a heap. Always leave space from tobacco to foil or aloud to prevent the tobacco from burning ahead of time.

Mistake 6 – Never Blow Out The Hookah While Smoking And Do Not Watch The Valve

Many hookah owners do not even know why a valve is needed in a hookah and why the hookah itself is blown out while smoking (read why there is a valve in the hookah and why the hookah is blown out ). Briefly: blowing out the hookah allows you to remove some of the heat from the overheated bowl, in which the tobacco has already burned a little. This increases the duration of smoking. If you blow it periodically from the very beginning of smoking, then nothing will burn in the bowl (naturally, if all the conditions for preparing the correct hookah are observed).

Mistake 7 – Starting Hookah Smoking With Heavy Tobaccos

If you are familiar with hookah tobacco not so long ago, it is better to start mastering it with light or medium strength tobaccos like blueberry flavored hookah, pineapple hookah, grape hookah flavor. You shouldn’t start smoking hard tobacco right away. You can buy hookah tobacco online. Rather, it’s not about the tobacco itself, but about its methods of packing. It is important to be wise when choosing a bowl and for specific tobacco, use a specific type of bowl. However, this method is flexible for sophisticated fans of smoke.

For less loyal hobbyists, it should be noted that one of the beginner’s mistakes when hammering in a hookah is the lack of attention to detail. Many people know that for tobacco, in most cases it is necessary to observe the indentation from the foil. Smoking to the touch is rarely available as a pleasure method, at least from the start.

Or, when working with a simple clay Turk, hammering without forming a well, thereby dooming your friends to a difficult drag, is at least stupid. Summing up the general conclusion, self-education will not be superfluous.

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