E-Cigarette Vape, And Hookah What Is The Difference?

Both things are now in a kind of “calm” state, the peak of popularity of both is long behind and at the moment each niche has its own community of admirers. So usually, when a person who wants to quit smoking comes to a vape shop, he immediately has a question “Is this the same as a hookah?” It is to this and similar questions that we want to answer today

What Is Safer Vape Or Hookah?

As we already wrote above, it is much more correct to compare hookah with cigarettes, since they have the same principle, the only difference is that you smoke hookah less often just because it is stationary and you smoke either in a cafe or at home, plus the time spent on preparing it … So many people mistakenly believe that it is less addictive or not at all, if you could smoke hookah with the same ease as cigarettes, you would smoke it at the same level. Based on the fact that the same tobacco is used in the USA hookah, still smolders and emits all the same harmful resins, vape is much safer.

Is There An Addiction?

Of course, it doesn’t matter if it is a cigarette, hookah, or vape. Nicotine is everywhere and you have every chance of becoming addicted, we can add to ourselves that, according to the experience of our clients, jumping off vaping and quitting smoking or vaping is much easier than from cigarettes or hookah. But still, we do not advise you to start trying either one or the other if you have not smoked before, it is better to stay as healthy and beautiful as you are! There are hookah tobacco flavors like blueberry mint shisha and apple shisha which are quite addictive.

How Does A Vape Work?

When the power circuit is closed (pressing the button), voltage is applied to the spiral, the spiral heats up to certain temperatures, and the liquid heated on the surface of the spiral turns into steam. During puffing, steam is supplied through the vaporization chamber and shaft directly to the user’s lungs.

How Does A Hookah Work?

While you inhale the smoke through the hose, the heat from the hot coal enters the bowl and then passes through the tobacco.

Smoke forms as the coal heat up the hookah tobacco. And the juice contained in tobacco evaporates and gives off its taste and aroma to the smoke. Then the smoke enters the mine. It is in the mine that the smoke begins to cool down and even in some way gets cleaned since some of the harmful substances settle on the walls of the mine. The next destination for the smoke is a flask of coolant. The liquid finally filters, cools and softens the smoke. From the flask, cool, fragrant smoke enters the hose and then into your lungs! You can buy hookah tobacco online.

Vape Instead Of Cigarettes?

As practice shows, at the moment, this is the easiest method to painlessly quit smoking. As soon as you start vaping, the craving for cigarettes will disappear by itself, simply because the vape is tastier and more pleasant, usually after a week or two, people simply completely switch to steam, not understanding why they have smoked for so many years.

How To Clean Devices

If you are a user of the system, then you do not need to clean it at all, but if you have a tank or a drip, it is best to turn to a vape shop, it is faster and as cheap as possible.

Hookah smog is thinner thanks to a special cleaning system. Passing through a liquid filter, the steam gets rid of some of the impurities and becomes softer.

Inexperienced smokers claim that the best hookah flavors are less damaging to health than a regular cigarette. They support their position with the statement that the liquid filter thoroughly removes all foreign impurities. In fact, this is only partly true. The liquid in the chilled flask is capable of trapping up to half of the carcinogens from the tobacco smog. But high-quality cleaning is more than offset by the duration of one session. After a few hours of smoking, the accumulated volume of harmful elements can cause serious complications.

In the case of a simple cigarette, the filter is a small carbon element in the device, which is not able to remove impurities as efficiently as the liquid in a hookah does. Here there is a purification of resins and nitrogen oxide up to 40%.

Which Is More Harmful?

There is a huge difference between a regular hookah and an electronic hookah.

Based on these statements, numerous studies were carried out that were aimed at studying how much nicotine the average hookah user receives. So, one person steaming a hookah for 60 minutes is approximately equal to smoking one regular cigarette.

Unfortunately, there is no data on how often people smoke e-hookah in the public domain. Therefore, it is difficult to say how harmful this device is in comparison with traditional tobacco smoking. But according to the estimates of one popular chain of hookah shops, since 2010 it can be said that the average person who has his own hookah at home uses it for its intended purpose no more than once every 7 days.

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of The Habit Of Smoking By Switching To A Hookah?

Well, here we can definitely say that this is all nonsense. Just quitting smoking and switching to hookah vaping will be so difficult. Perhaps you have seen such a picture more than once, when people who smoke hookah with their comrades in a cafe, in parallel with this, periodically leave to smoke a regular cigarette.

This gives a clear understanding that the hookah is not able to provide the smoker of tobacco products with a sufficient amount of nicotine. The same cannot be said about electronic cigarettes. Here, the vaper can control and regulate the nicotine content in the electronic filling station. There is even a special technique with which you can gradually get rid of nicotine addiction, “transferring” to vaping.

Why Is Vape A Bad Substitute For A Hookah?

Vape is a portable device, it does not require preparation, always with you – took out and lit a cigarette. Vape can be smoked in places where smoking is prohibited, walking down the street, during breaks at work, at home, but at least constantly – this is another bad habit, supported by psychological dependence. Vape is smoked all the time and everywhere. Hookah is usually made in the evening, after work, for the company of people, that is, the concentration of evaporation products when smoking one hookah for one person is no more than a day of smoking a vape.

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