Get More Flavor And Denser Clouds: With These 3 Easy Hookah Tips And Tricks

We all have been through that experience when we were packing our shisha and wished that we could have just more, more smoke, thicker clouds, and more flavor. It can be because of any reason ranging from an issue with the hookah tobacco, shisha, technique, or just sheer bad luck. But fret not we have covered almost every aspect that can potentially ruin your hookah session. And save your hookah session in just these 3 easy tips and hookah tricks. Which will ensure that whatever you taste is best in every way and what comes out of the hookah is heavy huge smoke clouds full of your favorite temptation strawberry flavor and refreshment.

Hookah Smoking Tip #1 – Making your Shisha Taste Better

You must have clearly remembered, when you got your hookah for the first time and how the flavor tasted “rich and delicious” full delight. Where every bowl had its own unique and amazing flavor. But with every bowl, this feeling and experience started to fade away on account of residue that accumulated on the inside of your hookah, base, bowl, and hose. And bowl by bowl flavor by flavor, the delicious flavor that you used to get, completely got overshadowed by a process called “ghosting”. As a result of this, the residue of your flavors starts to dabble with the taste.

You should go ahead and set up your hookah and take a deep puff without the shisha head on it. And see for yourself what you taste upon it, and it would not be the awful flavor. That is the reason behind you not doing anything about it as in cleaning it.

And with the time passing by little, the pure shisha taste that you use to get like from the very first time starts to lose its flavor until it is too late for you to notice. We all can agree that it is not at all a good chore that we like to indulge in. But the brighter side is you don’t have to do it unless you just spend 10 times a minute on regular maintenance that can save you a lot of trouble.

For that, all you need to do is keep yourself equipped with some of the basic cleaning tools that you need to clean your hookah. By following some basic guidelines you can quickly and easily be able to keep your shisha flavors rich and delicious.

Nonetheless, if you already do have a sparkly clean hookah, there are other ways too, to add more flavor to your hookah smoke.

Hookah Coals

You can switch from the regular quick igniting coals to the natural charcoal that is a more good option owing to its minimal odor and smell. They bring you a more clean taste coupled with a more flavorful shisha experience. In addition to that natural coals also tend to burn for a longer period as compared to its rival quick igniting coal. This also adds to your typical length of a hookah session

Add Fruit

You are lucky to have a large hookah base in which you are smoking along with some sweet, fruity flavors then you should help yourself with some real fruits. It improves the overall flavor drastically by adding its natural sweetness, juiciness, and essence. Apart from that, it is also a very e good way to put some flair into the hookah as well.

Hookah Smoking Tip #2 – Get Thicker Clouds of Hookah Smoke

You should know and acknowledge the fact that every hookah shisha is unique on its own and have a set of unique properties as well as flavor richness, buzz factor, and smoke thickness. However, it is not feasible for you to improve all of these three smoking qualities at once. But on the other hand, it is pretty easy to improve any one of them. Let’s say if you are aiming for getting bigger and thicker clouds so that you can make the fattest smoking ring along with other cool hookah smoke tricks then you should try the “Yeti approach”.

Yeti Approach

Basically in here you just just have to fill your hookah base with ice to get started. Followed by it you need to pour in some water just enough to cover the downstem. Lastly, you will need some iced-out hookah accessories such as the Mystique or Soguk that will ensure that the smoke you inhale is chilled out thoroughly.

Here’s how it works

For an added effect you can also use more coals that alongside the icy effect of the smoke will make it much thicker without getting it harsh. In addition to it, as it condenses you will be able to draw in more smoke that will come at as huge clouds. Since the body warms it up and it expands and what you give out is more voluminous than what you took in. But one downside of this yeti approach is that you may have to sacrifice some flavor for these dense clouds.

Heat Management System

There is a good range of heat management products that you can use to efficiently manage the heat that’s being applied to your hookah bowl. By use of the right HMD, you will be blowing out incredible clouds in no time.

Try a Dense Pack

You simply need to pack your bowl tighter than usual by using more shisha. It is another sure-shot way to increase the smoke output but you should use a foil fork thereafter to poke some more holes to provide some airflow. This tends to work best with a more juicer flavor.

Hookah Smoking Tip #3 Better flavor and More Hookah Smoke

Our methods and techniques change over time when it comes to making a shisha bowl. As compared to before now you would be doing it very fast and more recklessly. So next time when you do so, you should make sure that you have fluffed up and packed the bowl as loosely as possible. This is to allow the easy flow of air when you take a drag. As well as it ensures that there is no burning of the top layer. With this approach, there is better vaporization along with more flavor and thicker smoke without getting the bowl harsh.

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