How To Clean Your Hookah Pipe?

Planning a shisha party with your friends at your home and being struck with a clogged hookah pipe? That’s because you have made full use of your hookah stand by now. With regular use your hookah stand gets quite dirty over time. Washing the stand regularly is of utmost importance as it helps maintain hygiene as well as prevents the pipe from getting clogged. This also helps in extending the life of the hookah stand allowing you to enjoy many more amazing sessions. Further enhances the overall performance by maximizing the flavor output from the stand. A clean hookah is all you need if you want to have that mind freezing experience plus it helps maintain hygiene and the experience hassle free.

It is a good idea to wash your shisha after every use. It is also recommended to wash it in between flavor changes so that two different hookah flavors do not fuse to form an unwanted one.

Without much ado let’s start with the cleaning process:

Things You Will Require for Clean Hookah:

1. Lukewarm water (tap water can do the work)

2. Lemon juice/ Vinegar/ Dish soap (any one of the three will work perfectly for the process)

3. Baking soda (optional but highly recommended)

4. Base brush, Narrow stem brush, Q tips and Sponge

Steps To Be Followed:

Here are some easy steps that you need to follow for an effective cleaning.

1. Mix any one of the cleaning agents listed above with water. ( Lemon juice, Vinegar, Dish soap)

2. Disassemble all the parts of the shisha carefully and soak them in water mixed with the cleaning agents. You need to unscrew the valve to reach each and every part.

3. To clean the vase, fill it halfway with the cleaning agent, swirl it around and dump out carefully. Repeat the process a few times. Use the base brush to scrub out the inside of the vase and then rinse it out with plain water until it’s completely clean.

4. You will need a narrow brush to clean the stem properly. Block one end of the stem with your thumb and fill it in with the cleaning solution. Scrub out the dirt with the narrow brush and rinse it out with tap water until completely clean.

5. For the hose check if it is washable. Some of the traditional hoses are not washable since it has a metal coil inside and can rust with water exposure. If your hose is washable, fill it in with the cleaning mixture and wash it out two three times with clean water. Leave the hose as it is if it is not the washable one. Generally, the hose which are made up of silicon are the ones which can be washed.

6. The bowl should also be cleaned with the cleaning solution but with a little caution since some bowls are glazed, and aggressive scrubbing can damage the coating completely. Use a sponge, paper towel and Q tips for cleaning it gently yet effectively without causing any damage. Make sure you move your hands softly in gentle motion.

Helpful Advice:

1 We do not recommend the use of a dishwasher for cleaning your hookah stand. These parts were not built for pertaining any kind of intensity and on the other hand it will damage your stand. The stand can be cleaned easily with your hands using some simple brushes.

2 Avoid leaving water in the vase after use. Doing so over a long time will lead to a mold build-up on the surface and you would not want this to happen in any case. A mold build-up proves to be quite harmful and can lead to fungal infections if inhaled without washing properly.

3. The hookah stand may be cleaned with water only, but it is highly recommended to use a cleaning agent as it will help remove the flavor residue build-up inside your stand over the use. 

Pro tip: You can use baking soda when cleaning the vase and stem since it is a good cleaning agent and helps clean deeper and effectively.

4. Be cautious not to use extreme temperatures while cleaning the parts i.e., switching between too hot and too cold water since it can cause cracking. Using lukewarm water for the entire cleaning process is recommended. (Do not use too hot or too cold water in any case)

And here you go, you have cleaned your hookah stand like a pro. We don’t think it was as difficult a task to perform. Your hookah stand is squeaky clean like a new one for your next shisha session. Call out your friends and impress them with your skills.

Stay on top with your hookah hygiene with these simple yet easy steps. Hope this tutorial was helpful. Feel free to come back to us when you need some help. Enjoy!

Until next time.

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