Hookah Or Shisha? How is it called

Shisha is the same thing as Hookah. The new smoking methods and devices such as the shisha and hookah have become increasingly popular, especially amongst teens and the youth, in recent years as people take them up for recreational use or as a less harmful alternative to the deadly, more expensive cigarette. 


It is a distinguishable part of other pipes actually it is a water pipe. At the bottom, there is a water basin which is Hookah. Additionally, when a hookah smoker inhales the vapor, it passes through the water then it is taken into the body.

The originality of Hookah comes from India and most of them have been made by glass. Sometimes they can be considered as an art masterpiece apart from being a smoking device. Hookahs are well known in the Middle East and Hookah is just popular in the Western world in the last 20 years.


In some countries also in some parts of those countries, the actual pipe is called the shisha but most of the time it’s the primary name used when referencing the tobacco that is smoked. Traditionally soaked in flavored juices which are placed in a hookah bowl is Tobacco and it is fruit-flavored. The shisha goes in a bowl that goes on top of the hookah and is smoked when heated with coals. Thus, the aromatic and flavorful tobacco which is used within a hookah is Shisha, although the term is also taken to mean the pipe itself.

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