5 Advantages Of Owning A Hookah Setup

Recently, hookah has become one of the main “guests” at parties and other events. The smoking device creates a good mood, allows you to relax, and makes your vacation unforgettable. But sometimes there are situations in which it is simply impossible or there is no desire to get out to a restaurant or cafe, but you want to enjoy wonderful tobacco. In such cases, we suggest using the hookah catering service.

Hookahs have long become a common attribute of rest. They are served in clubs, cafes, and restaurants. People who do not smoke cigarettes are not afraid to use hookah, because there is almost no harm from special mixtures. When choosing a hookah, you need to take into account many parameters in order not to regret the money spent in vain later. Our guide will help you understand the principle of operation and the structure of the hookah, understand the existing varieties, and also find out what you should first pay attention to when choosing.

Advantages Of Owning A Hookah Setup

First of all, it is worth noting that a large amount of flavored hookah tobacco with dozens of flavors is sold. But this is not the main motivation, it is worth buying a hookah, if only because most of the harmful substances are retained in the water, therefore, it is less harmful than cigarettes. This advantage should not be underestimated, since it is the resins that cause the most harm to humans. Of course, as in any other case, smoking even from a hookah in large quantities is unhealthy. Therefore, this is worth remembering.

Hookah setup allows you to enjoy the smoking device to its fullest, using the best mixes and new equipment. If you do not know how to use a hookah or it is simply not in the house, then be sure to contact a company!

Fans of such relaxation will not have to spend extra money on ordering restaurant dishes and drinks, as well as a tip to the waiter. The concentration of carbon monoxide when smoking a hookah is an order of magnitude lower than when smoking regular cigarettes. Hookah smoke quickly dissolves into the air. Moreover, it is not smoked every day. Hookah tobacco contain natural flavors and additives.

The harm from a hookah is less than from smoking cigarettes. When a person inhales a cigarette, hot smoke and direct combustion products enter the respiratory tract. In the hookah, the tobacco mixture smolders, and the smoke itself cools as it passes through the liquid. In addition, it undergoes additional filtration, which retains a certain amount of soot, small particles, and dust.

Owning a hookah setup ensures that you can smoke it whenever you want. Relaxation of the nervous system. Nicotine functions in the human body as a specific impulse that affects nerve cells. Experienced smokers even admit that they are relaxed by one kind of swirling smoke from the hookah.

Which Hookah To Choose?

As mentioned earlier, you can buy a hookah in most cities, and it is available in various sizes and price categories. You can also buy hookah online at different eCommerce stores. Which one should you choose? Small models measuring 30 cm in height are suitable for those who often take a hookah with them to work or when visiting friends. Large models are characterized by greater stability, therefore, they are not intended for transportation, but provide long-term smoking by several people. You can also find huge models on the market, but they are chosen mainly for cafes.

When choosing, experts recommend paying attention to the origin of the goods. If this is Chinese consumer goods, then it is worth abandoning it, but if it is from a reliable manufacturer, which is confirmed by certificates, then you can purchase it. Remember, the quality of the product and satisfaction from use will depend on the reliability of the manufacturer.

Where To Buy A Hookah?

The Hookah in the USA hookah is just beginning to take root in everyday life. There is no doubt that over time it will be in every home because hookah tobacco smoke can lure everyone. The online store offers the highest quality hookahs. Brought from warm foreign countries in combination with original tobacco allow you to fully feel the atmosphere of these places. The assortment of the store has many handmade models, different colors and sizes, you can easily choose the one that will meet your expectations.

Hookah price. What Determines The Cost?

Price is one of the main criteria for choosing a hookah. Below are the most important factors affecting it:

Manufacturing material

Hookahs made of stainless steel are much more expensive than hookahs made of aluminum, brass, plastic, and silicone. Hookahs with wooden decor, with accessories made of expensive materials, are more expensive.

The complexity of manufacturing

Models with non-standard design solutions require more hours of work than the master, which directly affects the final price.


Hookahs of the same manufacturing material differ in completeness from the manufacturer. A shaft, a flask, a hose, a mouthpiece, a bowl – all this can be included in the kit, and, on the contrary, the kit can only consist of a shaft.


The fame of the manufacturer directly affects the cost of the hookah, with larger advertising and wider distribution of brands are more expensive.

Which Flavor Should You Choose?

The variety of tastes is so great that even an experienced smoker sometimes cannot say for sure what he would prefer at the moment. Many companies produce tens and hundreds of smoking mixtures, and each has its characteristics. But there are the most popular flavors, and it is worth ordering them in the first place. Not sure which one to prefer? Again, ask a professional. Answering questions about which hookahs are most likely to please you and your companions is part of his job. There are flavors like blueberry flavored hookah, grape hookah flavor, pineapple hookah, which are wildly used by people. You can check our best hookah flavors guide.

Hookahs can be purchased as a set, or in separate parts. Some hookahs are immediately made so that you can only buy a set; other hookahs are already assembled in the store; still, others can be bought wholly and completely to your taste and color, selecting each item separately. Glass hookahs are the brightest representatives of the first group – always a ready-made set. In addition to glass hookahs, you can also include any design models here, as well as several hookahs from manufacturers.

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