3 Easy Tips To Make Hookah Fresh Again

Most of the time you overhear about hookah tastes especially when your shisha is too old. Well, hearing such these things make you sad due to the definition of hookah, it should make you feel fresh and offer you relaxation.

1. Water, the blood of your hookah!

One of the major problems is feeling throat burning when using an old hookah.

We have found the solution at 4wmn.com, let’s make your hookah tasty and fresh!

The first thing is clean, fresh and cold water for preparing hookah, definitely, water gets warm when you are smoking hookah in its bottle, So you don’t need to make shisha warmer!

in conclusion of what is said about the temperature of shisha, you can use a few pieces of ice! now, the temperature of hookah’s bottle is under control.

2. Tobacco, is it wet and high quality?

The next tip has the significant and main role of using a tasty hookah. simple and easy use a wet and fresh quality tobacco like what we produce!

If you think you are not going to use it for a long period of time please keep hookah’s tobacco away from air, just put it in a bag and make sure it never meets the air then every time you use tobacco it feels fresh.

3. Keep it clean!

Last but not least, try to clean your hookah after every hookah session. wash the hookah bowl if the hose is washable do it! your hookah has the feeling, don’t let it down.

burnt tobacco always remains and gives you a bad taste next time, don’t forget to wash hookah bowl, strive to remove all remain smokes on it.

for the shisha hose use warm water after rinsing it put it to hang somewhere, do not pack it immediately after washing. it makes your hose smell awful next time.

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