Best 10 Hookah Tobacco Flavors That Are A Must-Try: What are the best hookah flavors?

Hookah smoking has been a huge trend in the USA Hookah for years. People love to gather around with friends and family to relax and enjoy a smoke. The problem is that there are so many different hookah accessories out there, it can be hard to figure out exactly what you need before your next smoke session. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some must-have accessories every USA Hookah smoker should have!

Shisha smoking is one of the oldest recreational activities and is only gaining popularity as the years pass by. As the hookah world has an extensive history, the variety of hookahs and flavors are by the ton. Certain hookah flavors are universally popular and loved, but the wide range of hookah tobacco flavors is sure enough to match the likings of many.

The world of shisha flavors ranges among plain flavors as well as truly entertaining combinations that include fruits, and herbs. While plain flavors like the double apple, vanilla, and watermelon, to name a few continue to be global favorites, combination flavors take smokers to another dimension. Below we have listed 10 hookah tobacco flavors by Shisha that shisha enthusiasts should try at least once.

1. Ali Baba- Grape Mint

To start the list off, we have the Ali Baba shisha tobacco flavor that is a combination of luscious grapes and evergreen mint leaves. The Ali Baba flavor brings to the table a taste experience of ripe grapes and a lingering minty freshness as you exhale.

2. B52- Lemon Gum Mint

The B52 flavor combines the goodness of lemon, bubble gum, and mint. The zesty lemon fused with the iconic gum flavor and all so versatile mint make for a refreshing hookah session. It is a unique and delightful flavor fit for occasions that are turning towards boredom.

3. Bella- Blueberry Banana

No hookah list can be complete without the ever-loved blueberry flavor. Bella Shisha brings together the tropical berry and the all-time banana to produce a flavor fit for all seasons and any occasion. This unique shisha tobacco flavor is an all-time smoking delicacy worth consideration.

4. Blue Sky- Blueberry Mint

Another exciting flavor that combines the essence of the amazing blueberry and pristine mint leaf is the Blue Sky shisha tobacco. Blue Sky can take you on a mesmerizing experience that makes you leave all worries out and cherish the timeless flavor.

5. Eat Me- Mango Menthol

Who doesn’t love the king of fruits? Only those who have rotten taste buds. The Eat Me flavor is packed with the goodness of the tropical mango and a menthol punch. This flavor is perfect to recreate the spirit of summer and instantly increase the excitement in the hookah session.

6. Flamingo- Mango Orange Cherry

How does the combination of mango, orange, and cherry sound? It doesn’t matter if this blend sounds confusing, exciting, or a random selection, one thing is for sure that the Flamingo shisha tobacco does not disappoint. The tropical sweetness from the mango, the citrusy tang from the orange, and the lusciousness from the cherry altogether make a delighting smoking experience.

7. Lush- Kiwi Mango Blueberry

Kiwi is one of the most controversial flavors in the hookah smoking world. However, when combined with other flavors it brings out a smoking experience like none other. Hookah fuses together the triumphant trio; kiwi, mango, and blueberry. This unusual blend of fruits makes for a truly flavorful and out-of-the-world experience.

8. Obsession- Blueberry Vanilla

You can never have enough of blueberries and that is why we have another blueberry flavor combined with the everlasting vanilla, the Obsession hookah tobacco flavor. Vanilla and blueberry are two flavors that can be combined with a majority of flavors and will never fail to impress. Shisha obsession stays true to the reputation of blueberry and vanilla making a flavor worth trying once.

9. Summer Breeze- Ice Gum Mint

What do we all long for in the hot summer season? Lots of cool, ice, and freshness. The Summer Breeze flavor is capable of making you forget about the harsh summer and take you to a cool relaxing dimension, well at least virtually. Blending together the core of ice, life from the bubble gum, and freshness of mint, the Summer Breeze is an ideal pick for summer shisha sessions.

10. Terminator- Double Grape

Last but not the least, we have the Terminator. Terminator can knock you out with its ripe and flavorful experience. Fusing the black grapes with the green grapes leaves you with a remarkable and comforting flavor. To get the most out of the Terminator, you just need to enjoy it with your heart, and voila you are there; an utterly joyful hookah experience.

When you come to the hookah world, you are sure to be trying all the popular flavors out there. There is no limit to the number of combinations you can make, and each and every blend gives a unique taste. It’s all about mixing and matching. The most common shisha tobacco flavors plain or combinations are made by blending together fruit flavors (apple, grape, melons, berries, etc.), herbs (mint, tea, etc.), and spices (cinnamon, vanilla).

To have memorable smoking sessions, just go on and try flavor combinations like the ones mentioned above, you never know what you may find and may even love a flavor and stick to it.

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