5 Hookah Base Liquids You Can Try

From beginners to vigorous hookah smokers, everybody would affirm that a hookah without liquid in the base leaves the setup inadequate. The liquid in the base makes the experience wonderful and smooth by cooling the smoke. If the liquid in the base isn’t sufficient, the smoke will feel dry, and the flavor will be brutal. Hookah bases are usually loaded up with water but thanks to the trend of the mix, match, and experimentation, many tried various liquids with their hookah USA.

So, here are 5 hookah base liquids you can try.

Fruit Juice 

Many hookah smokers have two or three fruit flavors that they enjoy, so why not amp up the fruit by adding fruit juice to your base? Everything from squeezed orange and squeezed apple to cranberry and grapefruit juice has been added to a hookah base, with mixed outcomes.

While fruit juice can give you a little lift in the hookah flavors in your bowl, it nearly makes your hookah excessively sweet. The syrupiness of the juice will in general cover the flavors in your shisha. Fruit juice will likewise make it harder to keep up your hookah. Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar which causes your base to get tacky. This can likewise cause issues requiring deep cleaning after each use. The best tip to apply here, dilute the juice with water.


Soda will likewise give you a punch of pleasantness. Also, it contains carbonation that makes it bubbly. Beset up to find something sudden when using a soft drink in your base. At first, it can get somewhat unpleasant because of the developed bubbling in the base. Soda in the base can change the flavor of your shisha. If you like the bubbly kick of soda, you should check it out. Something else, take a try at eliminating the bubble from your soft drink by gradually opening the cap. If it is firmly enhanced, have a go at diluting it with some water.


Basic, rich, and exact. Water is the most broadly used liquid in the hookah. Flavorless and unbiased, the water’s just impact on your hookah session is to cool your smoke and make your hookah smooth. It doesn’t change the flavor or do anything else generally. It has one reason, and it fills that need well. 

In case you’re trying to translate flavors inside certain shisha mixes, using water in the base will consistently furnish you with an untainted profile for simple flavor breakdowns. It’s sort of hard to rank pan rasna against each other when you have an orange soft drink in the base.


There are many espresso lovers out there, who may jump at the chance to add it to their hookahs too. Adding a blend of espresso, to your base will add extraordinary flavors. Some espresso and hookah essentially go together, yet adding half espresso in half of the water can be an extraordinary flavor mix. Placing an espresso in the hookah base will get a decent flavor particularly whenever combined with a chocolate or vanilla flavor. Espresso will give an extraordinary note to the taste, however, remember adding espresso rather than water over and over again will destroy your hose over the long haul.

You can likewise try espresso flavors, yet you need to tidy up after the smoke to prevent the form of funk and residue. 


Adding milk or cream to your base is a debatable issue. Some common smokers depend on adding a couple of tablespoons of weighty cream to their water to give a creamier taste. You can hop aboard with this modest quantity and it isn’t prescribed to add more than that. Additionally, remember to clean your whole hookah rig altogether after every session. You should try not to use a lot of dairies as the bubbles will get into your hose and valves, the actual hose, and they will crawl up the downstem of your hookah. You don’t need dairy getting into these gaps as it will ruin and the possibility of mold, microbes, and potential diseases are high. Best to avoid any risks and stay away from dairy-added substances altogether.

Water is the lone fluid that can beat all others. It will not influence your flavor, it doesn’t have any sugar or whatever else that would make cleaning troublesome, and it viably achieves the one reason for the fluid in your base that is cooling the smoke.

In case you’re adding an alternate liquid into your base to add a specific flavor to your session, take a blow at throwing a touch of the like shisha tobacco flavor into your bowl all things being equal. It’ll give you that tad of added flavor that you’re searching for.

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