What is a Hookah and Why people smoke it? 7 Reasons People Love Hookah

Day after day, more and more people find themselves hookah smoking as a way to spend their free time. This oriental tradition appeared in our country relatively recently, but many are already captivated by its exoticism and are happy to buy a smoking device for their own homes. What is the reason for such an increase in the popularity of hookah, and why do they smoke hookah in general. This is what we will try to figure out.

What Is A Hookah?

First, let’s understand what this device is. Hookah is a smoking device that purifies tobacco smoke through a liquid in a flask, and passing it through a hose with a mouthpiece, delivers it to the human body. Everything is quite simple, and it is thanks to this purification of tobacco smoke that many people assume that hookah smoking is absolutely harmless to the human body.

Too much has already been written about the harm from a smoking hookah, but so that smokers really do not harm themselves, by means of their favorite pastime, we need to mention this again. Hookah cannot be harmless. It is customary to smoke ordinary tobacco through it, its only difference is the method of preparation.

The tobacco mix for the hookah is initially soaked for several days, after which it is poured with molasses or honey. The last stage is the addition of flavors, carcinogens, and a “secret ingredient” that the manufacturing companies do not open, and each has its own. It is this process that reduces the amount of nicotine (during soaking) and the strength of the tobacco itself. In addition, there are still tar and carbon monoxide with heavy metals. To our great regret, all this also cannot be filtered through the liquid in the flask. Its original purpose is generally to cool the smoke, not to purify it.

However, there is no need to deny yourself the pleasure of rest and relaxation. Hookah can be smoked, the main thing is to know certain rules and not to abuse the process.

Those who have never tried smoking are sometimes asked “why to smoke a hookah ?” We perfectly understand the position of these people. Most often, they lead a healthy lifestyle, and eat right, trying to minimize harm to their health. Parents often think about this, simply not understanding the hobbies of their adults, but not enough adult children yet. We will try to answer for everyone at once, answering this rather not technical, but a little philosophical question “Why smoke a hookah”.

Why smoke hookah? Today hookah tobacco is an irreplaceable attribute of an interesting evening in the good company of friends. It is much less harmful than drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Hookah smoking in most hookahs in the US is affordable entertainment for the evening. In addition, the entry of nicotine into the bloodstream and visualization of breathing through smoke brings the necessary relaxation to the nervous system.

Why Is Hookah Smoked by People?

We have noted more than once that hookah has recently been a very massive entertainment for a huge number of people. He is popular as a rock star at the height of his fame and plays many concerts every day. What is the reason for such a boom in smoke mines, we will try to speculate further?

  1. First of all, when asked why you smoke a hookah, you will hear: “To have a rest” and it will be true. The effect of smoking a hookah really has an amazing relaxing property, and especially after a hard working week, there will be a great way to relax and not think about anything superfluous, it’s just to smoke a delicious and aromatic hookah. You can also buy hookah and hookah tobacco online.
  2. The answer to the question of why hookah is smoked may be that a person is trying to quit another, more harmful addiction – smoking cigarettes. I very often met people who were able to quit smoking cigarettes using a hookah, gradually reducing the number of cigarettes, and then giving up the hookah. It’s all about the gradual abandonment of the previous level of nicotine and replacement of cigarette smoke with hookah, but with less harm to the body.
  3. It is a pleasant pastime in the company of friends. Of course, there should also be a measure with hookah smoking, this habit should not be abused. Actually, abuse of anything, for a long period of time, can negatively affect health. Also because of the taste. Many people really like this about hookah, enjoy aromatic mixtures, try new flavors and just immerse themselves in the culture of hookah smoking.
  4. One more reason is simply to invest your energy with your friends. Hookah smoking can bring an enormous assemble nearer together. Offer the chance to have a decent talk, unwind and simply appreciate the time went through with companions. What’s more, this is likely the principal justification for smoking hookah in our general public, an approach to draw nearer to companions and be with them as loose and open as could be expected.
  5. Hookah as a “harmless” hobby attracts people. Moreover, the trend towards quitting smoking is stronger than ever and cigarettes are becoming out of fashion, and a person who is addicted to a portion of nicotine is very impressed by hookah. And since we have touched on fashion, it is impossible not to notice that the hookah has become an element of certain folk culture, as an attribute of a good life. A huge number of beautiful photos with smoke does the trick, especially the beautiful girls in them.
  6. The process of cooking, waiting, and smoking. This is a kind of meditation. Each bowl directly related to your work brings special pleasure. And the gradual sipping of the smoke brings thoughts into balance, relaxes, especially after a hard day at work.
  7. The popularity of hookah is the variety of hookah tobacco flavors. It is unlikely that even in the largest kitchen you can find so many flavor options. All kinds of fruits like pineapple hookah, apple shisha, vegetables, spices, cheeses, drinks, meat, and even fish can be found in the hookah bowl. By the way, this is one of the reasons why hookah smoking is rarely boring, you can always find something new, mix and taste a truly unique taste.

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