7 Tips On How To Make Hookah Taste Fresh

Whatever you call it narghile, hubble-bubble, Goza, or widely referred to as Hookah or Shisha, it has been in existence for over 400 years now. Originating in India and Asia, hookah or Shisha is basically one or more pipes connected with a water pot that is used to smoke sweetened and flavored hookah tobacco. The tobacco is usually sweetened with molasses, fruit pulp, or honey, with added flavors such as rose, mint, apple, coffee, etc. Visit here to find the best hookah flavors.

From rare to usual it has become the heart of parties regardless of region or people. And we as hookah users have been looking forward to making this mesmerizing experience more refreshing and delightful. But there are moments of despair when the hookah sessions go like, “Nah, this hookah is not good, at all.” This can bring down the mood of the session, setting everyone off. Because ideally it is meant for delivering a soothing and revivifying experience with every drag for heart and mind alike. Rather It should not stick up down your throat setting it on fire.

But take a deep breath and relax as making hookah the way it should be in every way is no rocket science. Making your next hookah along the lines of these easy tips will help your hookah feel fresh & fantastic and not fire going down your windpipe.

How To Make Hookah Taste Fresh

1. Use ice and cold water

One of the fundamental elements you can change to get instant results is using cold water instead of normal water. It’s natural for the water in the pot to get warmer as the session proceeds. So you don’t want to get creative here and use warm water as it will only get even warmer and worst. To make your hookah taste fresh all you need to do is just throw in a few crushed pieces of ice in your pot, since the ice will meltdown down, bringing down the temperature of the water. It will significantly add to the freshness of your hookah drags. Using clean clear water ice can make a big difference and a good water purifier can help you with it.

Note: But you should be wary of one fact, that adding ice may decrease the taste of the tobacco. So don’t overdo it.

2. Use wet and fresh quality tobacco

Apart from crushing in some ice or pouring in some chilled water. The next important thing you should keep an eye on is to make sure that you have kept your tobacco in a dry place, where it doesn’t come in contact with direct sunlight. If you are aware of when will be the next session and you do not see it coming for long. It is better that you seal the tobacco in an airtight bag or container to preserve its essence and freshness. If in case you get your hands on an old packet of tobacco try and remember that if it was opened within the last two months. If it is the case, it is better not to attempt any human experiment and buying a new one here.

Note: if there is a doubt a quick fix as to makes the old one with a fresh one.

3. Don’t forget to blow some air out

One simple trick to make your hookah fresh is to blow air gently out from time to time. Here blowing out in terms of smoking hookah, means to simply blow air into the hose so that it pushes out the air inside replacing it with a fresh one. As when the air moves in through the valve and thus ventilating the pot by drawing in the fresh air. In short, the blowing will help you in replacing the old smoke with the new and fresh one. But you should be very careful while doing so. As if you get too excited and blew too hard, the water will flood into the bowl and will certainly ruin everything from your session to your mood and, if you’re unfortunate enough even your hookah.

4. Use the appropriate amount of tobacco

When things get stagnant, surely you have to push the limits. But not with tobacco, here instead you should follow the principle of, “less is more “while making your shisha to ensure you do not go far with this one. It is recommended to use Vortex or a Phunnel bowl, which is very helpful in avoiding the tobacco sipping into the pot or bottle. As it makes it certain that your hookah taste fresh and last for a longer period of time.

5. Prefer natural coal for a fresh-tasting hookah

Another interesting tip is to go for natural coal instead of instant or magic coals. Did you know an amazing fact? That the hookah sessions running on natural coal instead of popular instant coal rarely end up with a headache.

Hookah coals generally come in 2 types instant and natural coals. You should be choosing natural coal. if there is plenty of time at dispense and you wish to experience a fresh and all organic hookah smoking session. which will most probably not end up in heavy headaches. But on the contrary, if time is money for you and your want your hookah to be portable enough then you should choose instant cold.

6. Use an ice hose tip or a freezable hose

If you are still not satisfied with the aforementioned tips and you want to go the extra mile. Try and get an ice hose tip or a freezable hose instead of the regular one.

It is just like another hose. That is washable and roughly does the same thing as a regular hose. But with this one, you can attach a freezable extender that facilitates a cool, smooth flowing smoke for the finest hookah experience you can get. If you get this ice hose, you can use it for one hour or more as it stays cooler for one hour. Generally, these pipes are universal and you can attach them to whatsoever hookah you have or want. You can find plenty of ice hose tips and freezable hoses on the market.

7. Take care of your hookah – the essential tip to make your hookah taste fresh

Last and the most important thing which you should never forget is to take care of your hookah. You should make it certain that after every session if possible in between sessions to you should always clean your hookah in every way and by all means possible. Which translates into washing the bowl, the stem, and the very bottle. If you are lazy enough to not clean your car, burnt tobacco and smoke from every session will be built on different details resulting in making your hookah taste bad, stinky, and not so fresh at all. Do not let out the hose too from you the periodic cleaning schedule, you can give the hose a rinse of warm water from above and through and leave it somewhere to hang.


By taking into account these little things and balancing all the elements of your hookah you can make your Shisha sessions flow with freshness. By adding crushing some ice, keeping tobacco wet and fresh to bowling fresh air, and keeping it up all organic with natural coal. You can drastically transform your hookah sessions, but do not forget to clean it up all once you are done.

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