Best Places In The World To Smoke Shisha

Shisha is also known as ” Hookah ” is used to smoke hookah tobacco through a pipe. It’s unique in its way. It consists of a water tank to which a tube is connected vertically and to which a chillum is connected make of clay and in the last, a pipe is connected to the tube from where you can smoke out.

It’s simple to prepare a shisha you first half fill the jar and then attach the tube to it and put the chillum on the top and fill it with hookah tobacco or any other product. It’s up to you what you wanna smoke some people prefer pure tobacco, some prefer flavored tobacco because nowadays it’s popular among people to smoke flavored tobacco, also opium, etc.

Shisha was first made by a Persian physician during Mughals time in India. Then the idea of shisha got accepted by Turkish, Egyptians, Persians, and many Middle east families. Shisha has developed with time. It’s like a fun activity for some people and for relaxing. Some believe smoking shisha together creates a strong bond among families and friends as people sit together and smoke from shisha together and spend their quality time with each other.

In the early days, people used to smoke pure hookah tobacco, Hash, or nicotine in shisha which was a great way for them to relieve stress and to relax. In some parts of the world people still prefer the way shisha was smoked in the early days. They would use wood coal and crushed hookah tobacco to smoke whereas now people use manufactured coal which is easy to burn and produce a dense amount of smoke and instead of tobacco some fruity flavors like double mint apple, citric papaya, iced minty, and many more. There are a huge variety of flavors available there in the market.

People like to go with what is trending so people love to buy and use customized shisha. The way they are made makes them look funky and lovable. Nowadays some companies make shisha flavors without nicotine keeping the health of people in mind.

There are so many shisha bars these days where people go and buy their ready-made shisha. They have a bunch variety of flavors and it’s up to you if you want with or without tobacco. This has become a great business for some people as there is a great demand for shisha among people. There so many countries that have a variety of shisha. It may depend on the view or the flavors. People love to go to these places.

Here are some places you may found attractive to go and smoke there with your family and friends :


UAE is known as the wealthiest country in the world. Its versatile and loving infrastructure makes it a great tourist spot also. UAE is also known for its fine-quality tobacco. They are so many places in UAE where you can smoke shisha and enjoy the view same time.

  • The Smokey Beach

Smokey Beach is a great point for smoking shisha while enjoying the view of the beach. Its relaxing interiors and the view makes you relax your body while you smoke their shishas.

  • The Shades

The Shades is one of the rooftop shisha parlors in the country where you enjoy your aromatic shisha with the view of the beautiful city.


Being a beautiful country, Morocco is the cultural home of shisha. Morocco is known for its cultural traditional shisha smoking. They provide authentic homemade shisha smoking everywhere.

  • Lebanon Cafe

The Lebanon Cafe is situated in the heart of Marrakesh. It looks pretty formal and provides a wide variety of tobaccos and they use traditional charcoals to heat the tobacco rather than using petroleum discs. You can listen to live music there and if there is a football match you can watch it live there.

  • Sky Bar

The Sky Bar is in Montecristo and is an upscale place to enjoy shisha with your dear ones. The glass roof makes it look more loving and in the evening they let the roof open and let you enjoy the evening in the stars while smoking shisha.


When it comes to turkey people usually call shisha ” hookah “. People there know so much about shisha there. You can fill yourself with knowledge while enjoying the fine quality of shisha there. You can easily find any place where you can smoke shisha.

  • Huqqa

A well-established and loving place where you can enjoy a variety of flavors. It’s in Istanbul and located in Kuruçeşme, Emirgan ,Üsküdar and Bahçelievler.

HUQQA brings the eastern and western culture with a mix of modern design. They provide a relaxing environment to their guests and you can book a VIP room there too.

  • Corlulu Ali Pasa Medresesi

Corlulu Ali Pasa Medresesi was made by Corlulu ali pasha . He was one of the grand viziers of sultan Ahmet the 3rd. And also the smoking hookah section was introduced at that time. Its authentic design makes it loving and attractive and the authentic and traditional shisha smoking with their traditional tea is what makes this place so loving and the environment around is peaceful.


Egypt was one of the countries that adopted the tradition of smoking shisha in the early days. Egypt is known for its exotic flavors and fine dining. You can have experience with thousands of flavors in thousand different settings. People there prefer to enjoy a beer with shisha. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. Its beautiful surrounding makes your experience of shisha smoking more remember able. There you can find old traditional shops where people still smoke shisha while sipping tea at the same time.

  • Arabesque

Arabesque is considered the best shisha in downtown on Kasr El Aini street. Their specialty is premium grape and guava flavors which are highly recommended there. Do try their exotic kiwi fruit drink. Smoking shisha in the evening makes the moment memorable.

  • Pottery Café,

Pottery Café, they are among the top bars that sell the premium brand of tobacco and provide fresh and variety of flavored shishas. Their specialty is coconut shisha. The quality of their premium shishas is too exotic.

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