8 Best Hookah Flavors For Beginners

If you have just stepped into the world of hookah smoking, you will be enthralled with the seemingly endless and inundating number of flavors and blends. This is more than enough to make anyone lose their mind. And with so much to choose from, it can be pretty much overwhelming to pick just the right one for you. The practice of smoking dates back to times as ancient as can be recalled. As a result, there is more than enough for everyone from the rookies to the seasoned aficionados of this popular activity.

Hence, we have taken the responsibility of steering you through all the weird and fantabulous flavors available to choose from. So here are some of the best fruity and unique hookah tobacco flavors for beginners that are easy to smoke and yet taste the best too.

1. Blueberry

To begin with, the Blue Sky-Blueberry Mint by Tick Tock Shisha comes as one of the top flavors for beginners without a doubt. The blueberry flavors by Tick Tock Shisha give you a very rich and smooth taste that is too good to be coming out of a pot. Giving you a rich flavor in your mouth, while you will be busy appreciating the dense smoke. Along with it, it leaves a spellbinding fragrance in the room when the smoking session prolongs for a good time. Apart from this on a side note you surely would not like to miss the blueberry-infused flavored tobacco by Tick Tock Shisha.

 2. Mango

It would be preposterous if we go any further without mentioning the magnificent mango flavor. This is one of the top of the line flavors that actually gives you the extraordinary feel of tasting the real delightful fruit. Unlike other flavors such as many citruses seasoned flavor, this mango flavor offers you a better taste which comes along with a good dense smoke. Tasting just like fresh juice out of a hand blender.

Mango flavor leaves your mouth with a marginally tangy taste packed with a smashing season punch. Due to the exceptional flavor which comes in the exotic taste of South American mango, it is naturally one of the most favored and preferred flavors of many hookah smokers. Especially for those who long for sweet Shisha sessions. Finally, this mango flavor is not all about sweet delights but can produce heavy smoke clouds. The Cinema Mango by Tick Tock Shisha is one of the best flavors that can run long smoke sessions smoothly.

3. Orange

The next one on the rundown is the extraordinary flavor from a very ordinary citrus fruit, orange. Orange flavor shisha fills the room with its exceptionally strong orange essence while smoking. This Hurricane Orange flavor by Tick Tock Shisha also gives you a tart flavor with high notes of citrus flavor that is coupled with the sharpness of fresh oranges. This flavor very certainly will take over your taste buds flooding your mouth with its orangey tropical punch. If you are keen on experimenting, combining it with mint will help you create the best hookah flavor you can ever imagine of or instead of it, you can directly go for Salute Orange by Tick Tock Shisha. The solid zesty taste and aroma can be incredibly rejuvenating, refreshing, and rich. Given all that, you should be careful about only one thing, that is not to overheat it. As it can burn the freshness and flavor out of it ruining the whole experience.

4. Grape

The grape flavor comes up as one of the most loved and unmatched flavors with regard to the best hookah flavor for beginners. It has to offer a smooth and sweet taste which will leave you with an impression of guzzling down grapes. And very often you may find its tobacco being enhanced with a blend of finest red and green grapes. You can also find them individual flavors of the same, where the essence of each grape is locked in the Coral Grape and Flawless White Grape tobacco by Tick Tock Shisha. Grapes flavor is a very versatile flavor that you can mix with other flavors. You want to give it a shot with mint and icy water to create an exceptional hookah experience or simply try Ali Baba-Grape Mint by Tick Tock Shisha.

5. Peach

Peach is very well known for its mellow sweet and flavorful taste with a hint of the acidic taste. This makes this Autumn Flame-Peach by Tick Tock Shisha sweet as well as strong at the same time because of the unique peachy flavor it has to offer. When you take the tip of the hose to drag a puff its rich acerbic fragrance teleports you into orchids full of peaches. Apart from this, you can also blend this peachy flavor with many other flavors for example vanilla mint and mandarin “mellow flavor to get the most out of its peachy pleasure.

6. Passion Fruit

Very much like orange passion fruit flavor, it is one of the best-untapped hookah flavors for beginners. The passion fruit flavor is also very well-known and is a celebrated flavor. Which you will normally get to see in any hookah session regularly. Practically speaking passion fruit is the same as any other fruity flavor loaded with rich and heavenly flavorful taste. Being said that all passion fruit can make up for a very ideal flavor if you are willing to advance your hookah experience as a beginner. And when it comes to the amount of smoke the passion fruit can produce, it is bound to create colossal clouds of smoke, you will get along with a plush rich flavor filling the air.

7. Bubble Gum

Are you up, for slipping into nostalgia? As children, we all were very much fond of chewing the bubblegum and virtually had it every time in our mouths. Just try to imagine a scenario in which you will be presented with TI AMO Bubblegum Mint flavor by Tick Tock Shisha in front of you. Which will open up doors for you to travel back in time to your most cherished memories of your childhood.

Although, it may not ever be able to match up that taste, as a result of it’s a taste not lingering in your mouth after the actual smoking session. But be it all, the essence and flavor of this shisha are just very overwhelming.

8. Double Apple

Likewise, the fruit which is the king of all fruits, the flavor with its doubly strong essence is not any less than of a king of shisha flavors. The Caesar-Double Apple by Tick Tock Shisha brings to you the smoothness of tobacco and the crisp taste of freshly hand-plucked apple with the refreshing aroma of both that is second to none. Conveying to you a delicate and pleasing fragrance making it the triumphing champ of the fruit flavors. Double apple is treasured and cherished by everyone from newbies to seasoned smokers alike. The flavor creates insurmountable clouds flooding your mouth with a taste sweet as nectar. Its unrivaled attributes do not cease here, as it also makes up a good mix with any other flavor on the list, especially with mint.

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