Is Weed Legal In Kansas? KS Marijuana Laws & Regulations (Using Cannabis Medical / Recreational)

Is Weed Legal in Kansas? Can You Obtain Legal Medical Marijuana in Kansas? Is Recreational Pot Legal in Kansas?

Kansas. Situated in Midwestern United States, bordering Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma and Colorado. Named after the Kansa Native Americans, Kansas is best know for being home to Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Home state to many tornadoes, it has the nickname “Tornado Alley”.

Along with their famous characteristics, the beloved watermelon is the official state fruit of Kansas.

Is Recreational Weed Legal in Kansas?

No. Kansas is one of 6 states to make cannabis fully illegal in terms of both recreational and medicinal use.

History of Cannabis in Kansas

Kansas initially banned all uses of marijuana in 1927, along with many states west of the Mississippi River. Here, Kansas remains as one of the most strictest states for the prohibition of any use of marijuana with heavy fines and imprisonment times.

The prior governor of Kansas, Jeff Colyer, signed SB 282 on May 24, 2018. This law amended the legal definition of cannabis to not include CBD (cannabidiol) and therefore legalising state access to CBD products that have 0% THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol – the chemical substance that allows users to feel a “high”). This was a great feat in history as it gave hope to many Kansas residents on the future endeavours of legalising weed.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Kansas?

As stated before, medical marijuana is not legal in Kansas. However, patients with debilitating medical conditions who possess and use CBD oil with less than 5% THC can avoid criminal conviction. To avoid this, a letter from their doctor must be on the doctor’s letterhead and dated within the last 15 months. It is unfortunate though to find out that these users can still be arrested, charged and taken to court due to the residing laws surrounding weed.

A Kansas house committee had adopted another set of amendments to a legalisation bill recently for the use of medical marijuana and has been cleared to a floor vote.

This legislation encompasses and would introduce a medical marijuana program for qualified patients (that have one of 21 conditions). Within this bill, the medical marijuana would not be allowed to be smoked or within vaping products. And it is not be provided for home cultivation. The medical conditions for patients to qualify for this program include but is not limited to:

  • HIV
  • Chronic Pain
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Patients would be eligible for medicinal marijuana by a doctor’s recommendation based off their condition. Their condition must significantly inhibit their ability to conduct daily activities. And if the lack of treatment by medical cannabis would cause serious physical or mental detriment to their health.

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