5 Real Fruits You Can Use As A Hookah Bowl And Flavors To Use With Them

Hookah smoking is a type of social activity that people love to do when they are with friends. If you are interested in having some fun and meeting new people, then there is no better way than by going out for hookah! Today we will be discussing 5 real fruits you can use as a hookah bowl and the hookah tobacco flavours to use with them. We hope this article helps you enjoy your next trip to the hookah bar!”

1. Apple Fruit Bowl

The apple fruit bowl is a fruity flavor that tastes like apples. It’s great for a hookah session because it provides an authentic taste of what one would experience eating fresh, sweet apples in the fall.

The apple core should be removed first because we need to remove the actual fruit from it. Slice off the top of your apple and get rid of it. With the use of a teaspoon and kitchen knife, carve out the inside of an apple to create bowl-shaped space. Leave at least 1 cm wall thickness; this can even be carved into a doughnut shape with raised stump around the core hole for phunnel style fruit head.

The mixture of apple juice and hookah tobacco flavours is a recipe for disaster. To avoid making your fruit bowl soggy, use some absorbent paper towel to pat down the inside of the apple before adding it to the mix.

To get your shisha smoke to not go down the large hole in the apple made by an apple corer, take a small square of aluminum foil and line it up with where you want the shisha mix to be. Poke holes into that area using toothpicks so when people inhale they can still taste their fruit flavor from before!

Sealing your fruit bowl is to use an apple core and create a hole that fits the male stem. To do this, simply place the cutter over the opening of whatever size you need it for then rotate until you hear a distinct sound telling you to know when it’s perfect, or just continue rotating if necessary. If still too loose after one layer, wrap some paper towels around said stem and test again!

Pack your fruit bowl with a complimentary hookah tobacco flavours or mix. It’s really not that much different from filling up the regular water pipe, but it’ll add some extra flavor and make you feel like royalty.

The process of packing your fruit bowl will be just about as simple and straightforward as you might expect–but don’t think that means this won’t be an exciting journey for all involved; there are lots of great flavors out there waiting to meet their new friends in juicy watermelon pieces (which by the way have been soaked in ice-cold sugar cane juice). The best part? You can make whatever unique combo suits both you and those around you.

2. Orange Fruit Bowl

This is for fruit bowls that are more fruity. So, oranges would be a good choice to use here. And pineapple and cherry work well too if you want something with less of an intense flavor profile (that should still taste delicious).

-Take a half of an orange and peel it.

-Cut the peeled oranges into quarters or slices and put them on top of your hookah bowl to coat it. You can use other citrus fruits like grapefruit, kiwi, etc.

A Few Flavors That Pair Well With Oranges:

Cotton Candy: This is a sweet flavor that has more little pieces in there for added texture if you want something light tasting with a fruity twist (best used when smoking fruit bowls).

Sour Apple: This one smells just like sour apple candy! It’s perfect for those who love apples but don’t want anything too heavy smelling or strong tasting (again best used when smoking fruit bowls).

Coconut: This is one of the best hookah tobacco flavours for those who want something tropical, with coconuts being the most dominant taste. It’s less sweet than some of the other options and it’s also not as strong smelling (perfect when smoking fruit bowls).

You can use any citrus fruits to make a flavored hookah bowl!  Try grapefruit, kiwi, or even strawberries – they’re all delicious!

Mix your favorite flavors together on top of an orange peel for added taste and texture. You’ll be able to enjoy every last sip from your homemade fruit bowl which will still taste delicious)!

3. Pineapple Fruit Bowl

Why use a pineapple as a hookah bowl? Pineapples are one of the most popular fruits in America, and they’re an excellent choice for hosting parties or sharing with friends. For those who like more intense flavors, you can add some brown sugar syrup into your fruit mix before pouring it on the bottom of the bowl. You will not only taste this delicious flavor profile during smoking sessions but also while you smoke!

– Cut the top off of your pineapple, and then cut it in half. Trim away any excess skin to make sure that there is an even surface on both sides.

– Use one half to place over the top of your shisha bowl with some foil or plastic wrap wrapped around it; this will keep juices from spilling out while you smoke!

– Place fruits such as blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, kiwi fruit slices (in order) onto the bottom center of where your foil meets and/or rests on your pineapple bowl before setting them all on fire for about 30 seconds each so they are cooked but not burned!

4. Watermelon Fruit Bowl

You can use many different fruits for hookah bowls. One such fruit is watermelon! It looks great and it tastes delicious as well. If you have a watermelon, then this will be perfect to make your next hookah bowl out of.

– Cut the top off of the melon and scoop out the insides with a spoon -If there are seeds in the middle, remove them

– Place aluminum foil on top of your countertop or table so that when you cut into it, no juice spills onto anything else

– Take one side of the skinless, seeded watermelon and place it on its side facing up (like an upside-down “L”)

Scoop some ice cream in there and cover the hole with a piece of foil

– Set it all up as your hookah bowl and light away!

– Toss in some ice cream for added flavor, if you’d like.

– Scoop out a bowl of ice cream, gelato, or sorbet and place it in the middle of your watermelon

– Cover with a piece of foil to avoid messes. Now you have an edible hookah that tastes delicious and looks awesome too!

5. Lemon Fruit Bowl

Lemon Fruit Bowl is great for those who enjoy citrus flavors. You can smoke fruit bowls like this one with a variety of other fruits, but it will be best to use the same kinds in order to find out what your favorite flavor combination tastes like. A lemon hookah bowl is usually mixed up with watermelon and strawberry or raspberry. These are all very sweet flavors that go well together! Citrus lovers might also try mixing their lemon fruit bowl with lime and orange juices instead of watermelons or strawberries/raspberries with lemon mint tobacco.”

You can make your Lemon Fruit Bowl just like the Apple Fruit Bowl.

If you’re a fan of smoking hookah and want to do it without the harshness, then try using fruit as your bowl. You can use many different fruits for this purpose, but we recommend pineapple or oranges because they have less sugar content than other types of fruit. The best flavors to smoke with them are sweet flavors like peach, pear, and raspberry.

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