Tips and Advice for Exercising This Summer

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors. The birds are singing, the flowers are in full bloom, and the warm weather and bright sunshine can really lift one’s mood. Summer is also a great time of year to start exercising.

When it’s cold and dreary out, it can be difficult to get motivated to get in shape. But when the weather turns warmer, the outside world starts looking more attractive. Taking a walk and enjoying the sights and smells of the season is a popular activity. Letting it become a habit is good for your health.
Whether you walk, jog, or participate in other physical activities, summer is a great time to start getting in shape. The beautiful weather makes it easier to stick with an exercise regimen, and once you’ve made it a part of your routine, it will be easier to continue it once fall and winter roll back around.

Some people prefer to work out in a gym. The environment provides a certain amount of structure, and it helps some of us stay motivated. But for those who do not do well in that type of environment, starting a workout in the summer is particularly beneficial. The weather makes it possible to work out without being confined to the indoors.

There are lots of activities we can enjoy in the summer that will help us get in shape. Here are a few of the best summer exercises and sports:

• Walking – Walking is not especially strenuous, but it has lots of benefits. It’s great for those who cannot participate in high-impact exercise due to health considerations. It’s also good for those who haven’t exercised in a long time or are really out of shape. They can start out walking short distances at a comfortable pace, then work progressively harder to get their hearts pumping.

• Jogging – A step above walking, jogging is a little higher in impact. It really gets our hearts pumping and makes us sweat. The best time to jog is early in the morning or late in the evening, when it’s not as hot as it would be in the late morning and afternoon hours.

• Tennis – Playing tennis is a fun way to socialize, and it provides a good workout. Finding a regular opponent can help you both stay motivated.

• Basketball – Many parks have outdoor basketball courts. Getting a team together and setting regular times for games is a great way to give yourself incentive to exercise regularly.

• Rowing – Going to the lake is a favorite summer activity of many. Why not take a rowboat and get some exercise in while you’re at it? Rowing gives your upper body a fantastic workout.

• Bicycling – Riding a bicycle in the summer is an economical way to get where you’re going. It also provides a nice opportunity to see the sights of the season, as well as an awesome cardiovascular workout.

The best exercises for you will depend on your specific objectives. If you want to lose weight or improve overall health, an aerobic workout is what you need. This can be accomplished through sports that require lots of running, an aerobics class, or anything else that gets the heart rate up. If you want to build strength or muscle tone, weightlifting, yoga, or exercises that target specific muscles might be better for you.

With the exception of snow and ice sports, there aren’t really any exercises that you can’t do in the summer. These suggestions are simply meant to get you started. Finding activities that you enjoy participating in during warm weather will help keep you motivated to exercise, and staying motivated is one of the most important factors to your success.

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