Tennis is Not Just for Cougars

Taking up a new sport as you age is usually a very good idea in many ways. As women age, not only do they typically gain weight and lose muscle mass due to hormonal changes, but their bones also become more fragile. One of the many positive benefits to taking up a sport when you are older is that you can help build muscles that will actually prevent osteoporosis from becoming an issue. In addition, unless you want to just age and not age gracefully, you need regular exercise.


Trying to choose a sport in which you will be able to enjoy the benefits without the pain of injury can be a challenge, especially those who don’t live in large cities where sports activities for women are common. However, although it is seemingly stereotypical, it turns out there is a perfectly good reason so many older women take up tennis – it’s the perfect answer to your exercise needs.


Besides just looking great in tennis gear, women are able to enjoy unusual benefits from this sport. Since you are required to lunge, stride and step this will help tone your buttocks and legs to an amazing degree and usually very quickly. In addition, since this is generally a non-impact sport, the chances of injury are relatively slight. Then too, you can actually decrease high blood pressure with this sport, and according to Gordon Blackburn, Ph. D, three hours of tennis a week can reduce heart attack risks by up to fifty percent. One hour of tennis can burn up to 600 calories – more than you would burn if you did strength training, according to Dr. Blackburn.


If you are new to the game of tennis, many towns – even small towns – usually have a tennis court or two and you may be able to find an instructor. This is a great sport to share with a friend, as not only will you have a tennis partner, but you can act as motivation for one another as well. Be sure to take your time learning the game, allow for a great deal of warm ups and stretching in order to minimize pulled muscles. Stretch after a workout as well, and don’t be surprised if  the soreness will take some time to dissipate. Keep conditioning yourself and before long you will probably find yourself in better physical condition that you have been in many years.



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