Taking up a Family Sport – Great Times, Great Exercise

We all know that going on family vacations or taking up hobbies are great ways to spend time together as a family, but what about taking up a sport as a family? The benefits of regular exercise cannot be discounted, particularly in this day and age of rampant obesity. In addition to the exercise benefits, this is a great way to teach your kids about fair play and sportsmanship as well. However, finding a sport that each person enjoys and can fully participate in might be a challenge. By thinking outside the box, you may be surprised at just how many fun times are waiting for you and your family.


Biking is one of the best types of family sports for many reasons. It is usually quite affordable, all can enjoy regardless of age or athletic ability, and it can be enjoyed in a wide range of locations, so you’re not restricted by your geography. While this is not exactly a team sport where you can teach your kids about sportsmanship, you can certainly teach them about bicycle and road safety. This is a fantastic low-impact type of exercise and one that will burn calories, tone muscles and create a great cardio workout.


Rowing is another great family activity, and one your kids are highly likely to be enthusiastic about. After all, what kids don’t want to play in the water? Rowboats can come in all styles and sizes, so whether you have two kids or seven, you can easily find a boat you can fit in. In addition, rowing does require timing and teamwork, and is an incredibly fun sport where your kids won’t get bored quickly. Even if you don’t live near water, many cities own lakes that are public property and you may be able to row there. You don’t have to buy a boat, either, since many places rent them by the day or even the hour. This is typically a very inexpensive sport, and requires only life jackets, so you don’t need to buy equipment.


These are just two examples of fun ways to spend time together during a family sport. If you want your kids to stay healthy for life, you need to teach them good habits now. Exercise together and they will always associate exercise with positive memories. Switch from movie night as a family to sports night, and see how much healthier your family becomes!

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