Staying Upbeat When Your Child is Not an Athlete

Everyone knows how bad it feels to be the last kid picked for a team. Whether this was once you in school or your are currently watching your own child go through this, it can be a very tough situation to handle well. Studies have linked a child’s level of self-esteem with their athletic ability for one main reason. A child’s athletic ability has much to do with their social status, and to be without athletic gifts usually means that a child doesn’t have much success socially. However, just because your kid isn’t gifted doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel – there are many ways to increase your child’s self esteem and athletic ability without exposing them to censorship from their peers.


Instead of just looking at school related sports teams, think about having your child participate in city sports instead. Many towns have special sports teams that are not involved in school activities at all. This means your child would be playing with a whole new cast of teammates, and may be able to practice without looking bad in front of their friends and classmates.


Use positive reinforcement and make practice fun. No one wants to be told they did something badly – this can shatter even the sturdiest self esteem. When it comes to creating a positive vibe, you yourself need to be thinking, speaking and acting positively as well. Laugh, play and encourage while practicing at home.


Try a different sport. Just because your kid can’t put a basketball through a hoop to save their lives, it doesn’t mean they have no athletic gifts at all. They may have the seeds of greatness within them still, but it may manifest itself in skateboarding, Tae Kwon Do or dodge-ball. Try different sports other than what your school offers. This may be exactly what your progeny needs to break out of the bad-athlete role and try something new.


Take up a new sport with your child. When they see that you have to start from scratch and practice to become better, your child may relax when they realize no one is perfect from the start. This also gives you fun time to bond and enjoy the company of your son or daughter in a different setting as well. You can get some great exercise, and your budding athlete can get some great tips on how to practice to get better.

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