Play as a Couple to Stay a Couple – Taking Up a Sport Together

Research has indicated that one of the main ways that a couple stays interested in one another is to take up an activity together. Sports are a great equalizer. According to Bente Klein, psychologist, enjoying a new sport as a couple can decrease stress and increase the bonding effect. Men in particular need to bond through activities rather than through emotions as women do. Research indicates that the release of oxytocin and dopamine from exercise actually stimulates the bonding instinct in men. Have a new boyfriend you want to make crazy about you? Take up a sport together!


Sports are also a great way to spice up an older relationship that has gone stale. When you take up an activity together, it once again cements the though process of “us” versus “you and me”. This will help regain lost intimacy and may even provoke new interests that you can share. Once the two year honeymoon phase is over, many couples stop making an effort to get to know one another. The result? The end of a good relationship. When you take up a sport together, you will see new facets of one another’s personality and character that will encourage you to regain interest again.


Some of the downfalls of couple’s sports include aggressive competition or differing interests. One person may hate running while the other hates sedentary events. You will need to compromise to find something you both might be interested in, and don’t be afraid to try something outside of the norm. You may enjoy rock climbing, canoeing or frolf – who knows? Don’t give up until you find something for both of you.


Couples will naturally have some competitive instincts when playing together, but be sure to keep it on a positive note or things could get ugly. The issue is being sure to keep the competitive spirit in the sport and not bringing it home. It may be tempting to brag about how you skunked your significant other at tennis the other day, but keep your achievements on the court. In addition, be cautious about taking up a sport the other is good at, or they could be tempted to play the part of instructor – something that usually doesn’t end well. Few partners like to be told how to play a sport, so you may be better off choosing a sport neither of you are well versed in.

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