Natural Energy Boosters – Foods that Fight Fatigue

Why is that we seem to start dragging around two o’clock in the afternoon? If you’re like most people, there are simply times when you need more get up and go. Whether it is during your work day or when you are struggling to get the supper made and clean up the spilled orange juice while mediating an argument between the kids, sometimes you just need a little help. Fortunately, you don’t need to run to the medicine or liquor cabinet to keep your sanity or your energy. It turns out everything you need is right in your kitchen.


According to the Women’s Health Center, magnesium is the main source of quick energy. This is due to the fact that over 300 different chemical reactions in your body need a full supply of magnesium, and if the mineral simply isn’t available, your heart works harder, you use more oxygen and energy levels suffer as a result.

Foods high in magnesium include almonds, fish and bran cereals.


Vitamin B deficiency is not only quite common, but also a common culprit behind fatigue. In fact, a deficiency can lead to anemia and even depression. This can cause permanent changes to your central nervous system as well, and so is a serious problem. However, it is one that is easily remedied. Seafood is naturally rich in Vitamin B, especially foods like oysters. Liver, an old fashioned cure for anemia, is also a fantastic source of this vitamin. If these are not very appealing, substitute beef or eggs, both rich in B vitamins and in protein.


If we lack the proper amounts of Vitamin C, we can suffer from fatigue and from immunity problems. Thankfully, this is actually one of the easiest vitamins to get from natural foods, since it is so prevalent. Citrus fruits, tomatoes,berries and dark green vegetables contain the highest concentrations of C.


It is advisable that you stock up on granola bars and energy bars to keep at your desk. Not only are these a great and healthy choice for a quick pick-me-up, but they will help prevent you from heading to the vending machine for a candy bar. Make careful choices and start looking for ways to add vitamins to your diet and you will soon notice an increase in energy. Your body is a machine that requires a lot of fuel, so give it good quality fuel in order to run on maximum efficiency.

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