Mom's Kettlebell Workout Routine

Here’s a kettle bell routine that’s great for a busy Mom. You don’t need any big equipment and you don’t need a lot of time because you can work out your entire body at once with a focus on your core, and get your heart rate up in under in a minute.

If you’re not familiar with kettle bells, they are basically cannon balls with handles and they are available in a wide variety of weights. You can get light kettle bells that weight ten or fifteen pounds, or you can go all the way up to eighty plus pounds. For all the Mommy Athletes out there, we recommend starting with a fifteen or twenty pound kettlebell for two-handed exercises and a five or a ten pound kettlebell for one handed exercises.

Beginner’s Kettlebell Workout

Begin by stretching your entire body. It’s important to stretch before a workout, and we’ll discuss that in an upcoming article. After you’re done stretching…
Start with 20 slow, precise body-weight squats using perfect form.
Have your kettlebell resting on the floor in between your feet and pick it up on the 21st squat and hold it with both hands. Perform ten more squats while hosting the kettlebell.

Put down the kettlebell and do 50 jumping jacks. Now, your heart rate should be picking up along with starting to feel some burn in your legs.
Now do five sets of fifteen kettle bell swings with a minute rest in between each one.

This quick exercise doesn’t take long but it will really get your heart rate up and you’ll feel it in your legs and core.

If you would rather try an advantages kettle bell workout, you can either do the beginner workout as a circuit or find a video. If you’re going to do a lot of work with the kettlebell, make sure you have proper form, which leads us into our…
Kettlebell Safety Precautions
Remember this thing you’re tossing around is a giant piece of metal, it’s basically a cannonball so always make sure your path is clear when you’re swinging a kettlebell and make sure you’re paying attention to what you’re doing.

It’s very important to use proper form while doing kettlebell exercises. Doing the wrong thing over and over hundreds of times is a recipe for injury, so make sure you take some time to learn how to do all your exercises correctly. Look up some videos online, grab a workout dvd, or even go see a training for a session or two just to make sure you have everyone on point!

Kettlebells are a great exercise for a Mom!

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