Looking Your Best While Traveling After Baby

When you travel, you want to look great and be comfortable. If you have just had a baby, chances are you might still have a little bit (or a lot) of stubborn baby fat hanging on. If you know that you have an upcoming journey and that your current wardrobe is less than flattering, you may want to invest in a new wardrobe that will help disguise your slightly rounder shape while still staying perfectly comfy. And yes, it really can be done with some careful thought.


According to the Institute of Medicine, the average woman gains between 25 and 35 pounds during gestation. However, this will also vary according to your pre-pregnancy weight as well as how many babies you are having. While this is not necessarily a great deal of weight to have gained, by the time you have had your baby your entire body shape and muscle tone may have changed. This means that you might lose all the pounds, but still not get your old body baby for a while, if ever. Sorry, ladies, those are just the facts.


The good news is that it doesn’t take much to find clothing that will enhance your more maternal figure without making you look like you’re wearing a tent. Classic lines are best when trying to find a flattering look. Bootcut jeans are typically better overall, since they tend to slim down the thighs. Jeans with designs on the pockets also help create a better look for the derriere and disguise excess weight. Add layers of trendy, rather long, tank tops and your look is complete. Tanks are great for nursing mothers anyway, and are the best way to keep your belly under wraps. Peasant blouses are another great shirt option, and these look fantastic with pencil slim skirts. Avoid stripes and really loud patterns on your clothes, as these just emphasize jelly rolls.


In addition to looking great, you also want to be comfortable when traveling, so don’t overlook the great new athletic gear available today. Not only is it about the most comfortable thing in the world to wear next to pajamas, sportswear is usually made of spandex and will offer a slimming effect as well. The sporty look is totally in, and you can get good quality athletic gear that will look great and let you truly forget about your figure and enjoy the sights and sounds that go with travel.



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