Latest Training Gadgets – Nike Fuel Band, Spree Headband, Masimo iSPO2

Let’s just admit that sometimes the latest gadgets for training are half the fun. Today’s technological advances have created an entire market of digital gadgets that can all but make the bed for us, and if you’re any kind of techie, you’re going to love some of the goodies out on the market now. Here is a look at some of the…ahem…potential birthday/anniversary/Valentine’s Day/Christmas/I screwed up presents you may want to take note of.


The Nike Fuel Band looks very unimpressive. It’s a simple black rubber band that slips over your wrist and consequently turns you into Bionic woman. This little gadget will either make your day or make your paranoid, depending on your viewpoint. Once you slip it on and activate it, it will track all, meaning ALL, of your activities for that day. It tracks the steps you make and the calories that you burned and will also let you know how close you are to reaching your desired activity level for the day. Use the app with your latest Smart gadgets for a complete report of your progress.


If you want to have the look of a miner while you workout, you can enjoy the Spree headband. This houses an LED display that will monitor your activity and heart rate, and also takes note of the steps you take and even your body temperature. Thankfully, this also offers the option of wearing the Spree on your wrist instead of your head. In addition, since the LED uses lights on your skin to tell your temperature, it is actually pretty practical to have around if you have kids and can’t find the thermometer.


A far more specific device that has multiple uses is the Masimo iSPO2. This handy little thing is an oxygen monitoring device, and is not only great for regular workouts but is also great for extreme or high altitude training. You can simply plug this in to your Apple devices and put the clip on your finger to monitor your oxygen/carbon dioxide levels.


If you have a problem with a too-healthy appetite and want a nagging reminder when you eat, try the HAPIfork. This device, a smart fork, will monitor every bite you eat and how fast you gobble your food and then will upload your report to your smart phone. This might be a great way to slow down your appetite, or might be grounds for divorce, depending on the circumstances.

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