Keeping mommy healthy and strong

Womens health is an interesting topic and for a guy, unless you are a doctor, stay away from the subject unless you want to get killed by your lady. While men seem to have an easier time losing weight and staying in shape than women, this isn’t always the case nor does it have to be in your situation. Your health and fitness need to be important to you and once they are, they will become important for your whole family as well.
To unlock the female athlete within you need to get motivated. A perfect example would be that you want to enter an upcoming 5k event. You will have to train and eat right in order to be in shape to run that race. Another example would be if you were a smoker and you are concerned for the health of your baby you might give up cold turkey and fight those cravings yourself for the sake of your child. With food it is no different, those cravings are tough but your health has to come before anything else, otherwise you are setting a bad example for your children who just might copy what you are doing.
Talk to your doctor for advice on what you might be missing or doing too much in your diet. Once you do that you will know how to lose weight by eating healthier foods and what to avoid in your diet. Start with a gym workout routine or some basic skills to build the muscle you need. Examples would be jogging and running, stairs, treadmills, and elliptical units are all good cardio that help you build the muscle to get you in shape.
In no time that female athlete you always hear about will be staring at you back from the mirror.

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