Is the Fountain of Youth Found in Your Gym? Research Says Yes


In an astonishing study published by the National Academy of Sciences in 2011, research showed proof that exercise – get this – actually reduced the effects of aging in mice. Not slowed down or prevented, but reversed. According to the paper, the mice in the experiment that received specific exercises did not become prematurely gray, while the mice who received no exercise did. This has far more significant benefits other than just reducing the amount of hair dye you will need to buy, however. Results depicted proof that exercise increased the productivity of mitochondria activity, which in turn increased cell productivity in the body.


Mitochondria is what gives out body the power and energy it needs for every function of life down to a cellular level, and scientists think this is the key behind aging. When mitochondria do not function properly or die, we age. When they are boosted by exercise, we reverse aging. Sound too good to be true? Imagine that you could prevent or reverse hair loss, loss of muscle tone and tissue, and decreased brain activity. According to this research, exercise really may hold the answer to prolonged youth.


While humans can hardly expect to regain lost youth overnight, there is enough compelling evidence that shows just how much you can retain and regain if you exercise properly. Good exercise habits are not those that are abrupt and punishing, however. The trick, evidently, is persistence and endurance. Lifting weights has been shown to improve mitochondria activity, and Dr. Tarnopolsky from the National Academy of Sciences has stated unequivocally that, “Exercise alters the course of aging.”


Before heading out on your marathon, session, however, you need to begin an exercise plan correctly. Be sure you have no underlying health issues that could cause problems down the road. Get a physical and a clean bill of health. Next, start small and work your way up. This is the best way to avoid getting discouraged over the slow progress that goes with a new work-out routine. Try to stick with sports or activities that you actually enjoy, as you will be less likely to discard them. Also, it is recommended that you work out at least three hours a week for best results. Be warned, however, that one of the interesting affect exercise had on mice was increased reproductive capabilities, and this may have a stimulating effect in ways you hadn’t anticipated.

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