How To Sneak This Superfood Into Your Kids Meals…

As Moms, we want to provide our families with the best possible nutritional choices most of the time. Whether or not we always have time to calculate the exact nutritional benefits of every meal and ensure our kids have a perfectly balanced diet, while still taking care of ourselves, remains to be seen. Sometimes, it’s just easier to grab a few burgers on the way home from work instead of making a quinoa and kale salad.
There is, however, one specific super food that you can sneak right into your kids meals without them even noticing. This super food encourages heart health, it’s one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids and it also has a lot of fiber. So what exactly are we talking about, and how can you get your kids to eat it?

Flax Seed Is One Of Our Favorite Super foods…
… Because it’s so simple to add to your daily meals without even noticing.

If you’re making a pasta sauce, simply add a few scoops of ground flax seeds into the pot to instantly bring up the nutritional value of your meal significantly.

Our Favorite! We love to add flax into healthy smoothies. A smoothie with coconut water, flax seeds, protein, spinach, kale, a banana and some frozen berries tastes like dessert even though it’s jam-packed with nothing but healthy foods.

You can even use flax as a substitute for flour the next time you’re baking. You’re taking out one of the least healthy ingredients and replacing it with a super-food, not bad Mom!

Make Sure You Grind your Flax First
Here are two things to keep in mind when it comes to preparing and storing flax.
1. Grind it before you use it. Otherwise, only the tiny seeds that get chewed up are going to be absorbed, the rest will just come out the same way they went in – as whole seeds. Grind them up as you would grind up coffee beans or any other type of seed, with an electric grinder or a mortar and pestle.

2. Store It Properly. Once your flax has been ground, it’s important to keep it sealed and refrigerated. The whole seeds don’t need to go in the fridge, however once the seeds have been ground, they will go rancid if they aren’t kept in the fridge. A lot of people don’t realize this, so make sure you keep it in mind!

Stay Creative!
It can be a full-time job in and of itself to keep our children eating healthy, so use any many little tricks and shortcuts as you can, one at time, and before you know it they’ll be asking for healthy snacks on their own. Your kids will thank you when they’re older for providing a solid nutritional foundation for them to grow up to be strong, happy and healthy.

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