How To Know It's Time To Lose Weight

We all want the body of a female athlete so that we can wear anything that we want without a care in the world. We want to feel like we can wear a bikini at the beach and not worry about “love handles” or flabby thighs. While most of us feel like we should lose weight so as to look like these athletes, at times it really is not necessary. How exactly do you know that you seriously need to lose weight?
1. You are grumpy all the time
Simple tasks that you used to do before such as picking something from under the bed, fitting into your car seat, etc. get you worked up because you cannot do them like you used to. Either your tummy keeps getting in the way or you simply are not flexible enough to do these tasks. In addition, your husband is complaining that you have gained a lot of weight and you’re angry all the time because your weight seems to be an obstacle to almost every activity that you do. If you find yourself in such a situation then it is time to lose weight.
2. You almost always need to stop and catch your breath
Do simple tasks such as walking the dog, playing with the kids, going up a short flight of stairs, etc. make you breathless? Then it might be time for you to lose weight and get back into shape.
3. Your BMI is more than 25
People with a body mass index (BMI) of 25-29 are overweight while those with 30 and above are obese. It is therefore important to have your body fat measured based on your height so as to determine if you really need to lose weight and avoid health problems related to being overweight and obese.

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