How Greasy Foods Might Be the Death of You – Literally

It is no secret that you really shouldn’t eat many fried foods, because not only can it affect your waist line, but can affect your health as well. While this doesn’t mean that you can never again indulge in your favorite deep fried treats, it does mean that you need to be careful about the quantity and frequency, or you may pay dire consequences.


Gallbladder disease is a very common problem for many people, but it seems to strike women who have the same issues in common, such as being in their forties, being overweight, fair of skin and having a taste for fried foods. Unfortunately, greasy foods will really aggravate an already irritated gallbladder, simply because the gallbladder is responsible for producing the bile needed for breaking down fats. Too many fats, and the gallbladder can’t do its job, leading to diarrhea, bloated stomach and maybe even an attack of gall stones.


Unfortunately, this may be the least of our problems. Some European studies have been looking closely at the chemicals released when fats and certain types of oils are heated to a high temperature, and the results were not good news. According to the University of Basque Country, chemicals known as aldehydes were released when oils were heated to 190 degrees Centigrade, and they stayed in the oils once they were released – they didn’t dissipate. Aldehydes have been linked with cancer and certain degenerative diseases. However, while sunflower and flaxseed showed the highest levels of aldehydes, olive oil has the least amount. Also, if you do not re-use your oils, you may lessen your risks.


It is advisable to only eat fried foods once in a while, since it is also not good for your heart. If you must indulge, do it twice a month or so, and otherwise avoid greasy foods. Instead, cook with spray oils, use steam heat, or find some other way to cook without using fats unless absolutely necessary.


Simply put, other than flavor, grease has no redeeming qualities. Is this really something you want to put in your body? Is it something you want to give to your children? Keep your cravings in check, only indulge rarely and in small quantities, and you can avoid many of the health risks associated with fats and greasy foods. Educate yourself about your diet and you might find that all of your digestive disorders simply disappear once you change what you eat.

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