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If it seems like eating healthy takes too much time, take another look at Italian cooking. You might be surprised at how healthy Italian cuisine actually is. When you picture a plate of lasagne or spaghetti, the word ‘healthy’ may not be the first thing you think. However, when you break down the elements of a good Italian recipe, you find the ingredients to be quite healthy.

With ingredients like tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, celery, bell peppers, artichokes,  olive oil, fresh herbs, seafood, fish, chicken, and lean meats, it’s easy to see how healthy Italian cooking can be. But, can this healthy cooking be easy, too? Yes. By following the tips we’ve discussed – finding simple recipes and putting the slow cooker to work – you can put together a few healthy ingredients fast and have dinner ready when you are.

Now you can skip the fast food racket. Although fast food may seem like the quick and easy fix when you’re short on time, in the long run it’s unhealthy and expensive. Instead, stock up on whole grain pastas, fresh or frozen vegetables, olive oil, and plenty of herbs and seasonings. You’ll be able to whip up healthy Italian meals in minutes with just a few basic recipes.

And don’t forget to involve your whole family in the cooking process. After all, the idea behind cooking fast and easy Italian meals is so you have more time to spend with your family. What better way to do that than having a little help in the kitchen? And what better way to enjoy meals that are both healthy and delicious than learning how to cook Italian style? You will be able to give your family the nutrition they need without taking away the hearty, rich taste everybody loves about Italian cuisine.

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