Go Green With Your Kids

Parents are much more than just parents, they are teachers as well. Studies indicate that, despite contrary notions, most children still consider their parent’s advice to be the best and will listen (up to a certain age) to their parents more than their friends, teachers and acquaintances. This means that you have a responsibility to help you children learn about things on a local and a global level, because if you don’t teach them, who will? The “going green” movement is an excellent example of an issue that you can take on with your kids. Not only will it help them learn to be responsible and creative, but will help them learn about the world around them.


If you want to help your children help the environment, first you need to get involved, and involve your children as well. Assign one child to be responsible for setting up a household recycling system, and take the opportunity to explain the hows and why as you go along. Once the bins are filled, take them with you to the local recycling center so they can see where it ends up, and you may even want to take them to a landfill area so they can see what happens if people don’t recycle. According to GoingGreenToday.com, if you recycled one pop can, you could run your household television for up to three hours. Share these little nuggets of information with your kids to give them a clear picture of the changes they could make.


Eco-friendly and re-purposed materials are a fantastic opportunity to help your child find their creative side. Whether you want to build a bench in the garden or want to make a lamp out of a cardboard box, there is literally an unlimited amount of things you can do and make with your children. Not only will this teach them to break out of the consumer-minded mold of buy and dispose of, but it may set fire to their imagination to build more.


As another benefit to teaching your kids to “go green”, they will learn that our planet is a living thing and has a finite amount of resources. In order to ensure that future generations can subsist on our green planet, we must do our part today to make sure there is a tomorrow. Let your kids see the cause and effect of how ecological and economical practices on a very small level can have a global impact for future generations.

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