Get Over It – Guilt Free Traveling Without Your Kids

So, you have finally managed to save up the money, book the rooms and buy the plane tickets for your magnificent getaway with your significant other. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The problem is that you won’t be taking your kids with you. While this might sound like a bonus, few parents are able to embark on a journey – especially if the destination if far away – without a few qualms about leaving the kids behind. Here are some tips to ease the parting for both parents and the children.


Prepare your children in advance. No one likes unpleasant surprises, and the more time you give your kids to adjust to the idea of a vacation for just two, the less likely they will put up a fuss when the time actually comes. In addition, it is important that you not only emphasize that parents need time too, but that you still involve them in the planning stage. This way they won’t feel left out.


Make sure that you let your kids know that you will still be thinking about them after you are on your trip, and make plans to communicate on a regular basis. This does not mean calling every hour to make sure they remembered to feed that cat or brushed their teeth. This means calling every evening or morning at a specific time. This lets the parents know their kids are safe, and lets the kids know that their parents are safe and are thinking about them.


Make sure they are with competent help. Whether you had to arrange for a babysitter or for grandma to help out, you need to be able to relax knowing that your children are in good hands. In addition, you may want to set up a redundant system of checks and balances. For example, if you have hired a sitter, you may have a neighbor or friend stop by once in a while to ensure that all is well.


Finally, don’t waste your opportunity to enjoy time away from home with your loved one. Know that even if things go wrong, there is only so much you can do. Relax! Sip margaritas on the beach, indulge in endless naps, whatever it takes to recharge your batteries. You need time to be a woman, not just a mom, so take advantage of your time away from the kids – without guilt.

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