Finding a Cure for Soccer Mom-itis

Well, it finally happened. The smoking hot, rock-star look-a-like gal who took no guff off of anyone is now the woman you see before you in the mirror today – a quietly dressed, bun-wearing woman who wears Crocs and a seatbelt. Let’s face it – you have a bad case of soccer mom-itis. Soccer moms are not a new phenomenon, but are the ones who have always brought the treats to practice, ferried kids around for practice every day and never forget a birthday or the equipment. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone in being overworked and underpaid as a chauffeur and stand-in coach – more kids today than ever before are involved in sports. Statistics indicate that three out of every four kids are in sports today – this equates to a big need for the “soccer mom”. After all, someone needs to make sure the kids get to practice on time, right?


The downside to being the mother of athletes is that you are usually forced to put your own time and plans on the backburner. As a parent, this will happen frequently, and is nothing to worry too much about. The problem arises when you completely put your personality on hold in order to put everyone else’s priorities above your own. If you feel like that hottie you used to be is still peeking out, you need to let her shine! We know our kids don’t see us as people or even women, but the mom, pure and simple. Don’t let yourself begin to think this way, too, however, or you end up only being mom.


Make time for yourself. This is sometimes an impossible task, but everyone needs a break from other people, even dedicated mothers. If you don’t give yourself enough time to be yourself, how can you expect to be the best you for your family? Start a new hobby or resurrect an old one. Keep your mind active in order to keep it fresh.


Make the whole family contribute. If you are the only one who acts as organizer and chauffeur for sports events, you need to delegate some of the responsibility to the rest of your family. If they don’t cooperate, simply step out of the picture. There is no reason one person – you – should be overburdened with all of the responsibility that goes along with your kid’s activities. This is simply not fair to you.





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