Don't Hobble From Your New Hobby – Avoiding Injury with Adult Sports

Well, you’ve done it – you decided to take up a sport to keep yourself fit, and now have an injury. We hear plenty about how many high school students get injured in the course of playing sports, but rarely do we hear about how dangerous it can be for older women to get fit. Sprains, muscle tears and broken bones are common enough among women who take up a new sport, and much of that is due to lack of preparing your body physically and knowing when to stop. So many people don’t stretch properly before working out, and this is perhaps the primary reason behind sports related injuries for women. If your muscles are tight, you are far more prone to pulling or tearing them. This is a miserable state to be in, and so let’s take a look at how you can avoid being laid up for weeks in pain.


Know your limits. If you have never played tennis in your life, don’t expect to get away with a marathon four hour session Scot-free. Start gradually for any workout, whether it is one you are familiar with or not. It takes about six weeks to condition your body to a new sport, so start small and slowly. This will reduce your chances of injury greatly.


Get help. When learning something new, sometimes you should get someone to teach you. For example, if you have no idea how to use weight lifting equipment, this is not the best time to try and figure it out for yourself. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from someone else who is experienced in this sport. It will help you use the equipment properly and will reduce injuries.


Stick to a workout plan. If you have a long term goal for your fitness, you are far more likely to let yourself gradually work up to that point and not try to accomplish a hot body overnight. You didn’t get out of shape in just a couple of weeks, so don’t expect to get in shape in a couple of weeks, either. Make a good, long-range workout plan that will let you see your progress and also gradually work up to your full fitness potential.


Whether you take up martial arts or roller skating, use your common sense when it comes to avoiding injury. Making a good start will help make a good ending for your fitness goals.

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