Cardio Exercise – How To Monitor Your Heart Rate

You’ve sent the kids off to school, dinner’s in the crock-pot and won’t be ready for another 8 hours, all the bills are sorted out and you’ve returned the phone call from the bank. There’s no more procrastinating, it’s time to workout.
It’s not always easy to find time to workout, so when you finally do have it, you probably want to cram as many of the cardiovascular benefits of exercises for women into that time as possible. In order to get the full benefits of your workout time, it’s important to maintain the proper heart rate. We’ll tell you how to do that right here.

How To Lose Weight With Cardio
Alright Moms, you want to get the most out of your cardio? You’ve got to find your target heart rate. There’s a simple math calculate you can do to find out your ideal heart rate to burn fat.

First, calculate your resting heart rate.

Next, do the following calculation…
Take 220 then subtract your age then subtract your resting heart rate.

Take this number and multiply it by 65% to get your low-end, and by 85% to get your high-end result.

These numbers represent your target heart rate range for ideal fat burning. Please remember that they’re just a guideline, everybody’s body is different. It’s important to push yourself, but if you experience and trouble breathing beyond typical exhaustion, it’s time to slow things down for safety’s sake. Remember, you’re a Mom first and foremost and you don’t want to push so hard that you cause yourself an injury.

Tools To Measure Heart Rate
You can measure your heart rate using various tools and techniques. There’s the old trick that you learn in gym class to press two fingers against your neck and count the pulses, but for people who would prefer a different method, here’s what you can get…
Apps for your smartphone
Yes, you can actually measure your heart rate using apps! How they generally work is you press your finger against the camera flash and sensors are able to detect your pulse. These apps are pretty interested, and they seem to be compatible with most modern smartphones without needing any kind of external accessories at all.

Heart Rate Monitors
You can clip these on to your thumb most commonly, or use bands to wrap around your arms or legs. These are commonly stand-alone devices, but you’ll also often find heart rate monitor features attached to workout machines. These come in handy for the machines that don’t have their own built-in monitors.

Does it really matter if I monitor my heart rate?
Look, it’s better to exercise without a heart rate monitor than to not exercise at all, but if you’re going to take your workouts seriously then you should equip yourself with some form of heart rate monitor. Some of the apps are absolutely free, and the stand-alone devices are also quite affordable.

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