4 Ways To Find Time For Fitness

As a Mom, it’s not easy to find time for fitness so we’ve put together some suggestions on how you can make sure you’ve always got some time to fit in a workout, no matter how busy your day is.
1. Involve your kids!
Working out doesn’t mean you have to spend time at the gym and find a sitter for the kids, simply play with them! Go for a walk or a jog with your kids if they’re old enough, play in the yard with them, toss a ball around. It might not be the most intense workout, but it’s better than nothing and you’ll create some fond memories in the process.
2. First Thing In The AM
Your mornings might feel rushed and super busy as it is, so how could you possibly find any extra time for working out? What if you set your alarm just 5-10 minutes earlier? You’ll enough enough time to do a set of squats and other quick exercises, and the extra energy you gain from this quick morning routine will more than make up the a couple of minutes of sleep that you’re sacrificing. Women’s health depends on many factors, and exercise is one of the key components.
If you can’t wake up a couple minutes early for a quick exercise, what about doing a few exercises while you wait for the coffee or while the kids get dressed? It’s all about finding those moments here and there, it doesn’t have to be a whole hour dedicated to working out.
3. While You Watch TV
If you say you don’t have any time for exercise, do you watch television? There you go, put on your favorite show and workout while you watch it. You might not have any energy by the evening time, but you’ll be surprised how much energy you can gain from a workout once you force yourself up off of the couch.
4. At Your Desk
Don’t have any time to workout in the morning, or in the evening while watching tv, nor with your kids? There are exercises you can do while sitting at your desk at work, so there’s really no excuse! If you don’t have a desk job, there may be ways you can incorporate more fitness into your routine.
No More Excuses, Sorry!
We apologize if we ruined any of your excuses to not start working out! The secret to how to lose weight is simply to change your habits, and stop coming up with excuses so that you can be that fit mommy you’ve always wanted to be.

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