3 Myths About How To Lose Weight

Most women would like to have the body of a female athlete which is something that is considerably understandable. However, these athletes put in so much work and effort in order to achieve their athletic bodies. Fitness experts have all come up with ways that women can boost their health and achieve their fitness goal. Unfortunately, there are a number of myths that have also emerged. The following are some of these myths:
1. When you work out, you can eat what you want
It is true that exercises help to burn calories but it is a matter of the amount of calories consumed versus the amount of calories burned. If the calories consumed are more than the calories burned then you are likely not to lose weight. This means that you have to control what you eat if you hope to achieve your fitness goal.
2. I have to spend endless hours at the gym in order to see a difference
This is absolutely not true. A short ten minute work out twice a day can be as effective as a thirty minute continuous work out. The secret to working out is to ensure that the intensity of the exercises is high so that your heart rate and metabolism can be revved up. This way, your work outs will be more effective.
3. You should not eat after 6pm
This is by far the most ridiculous myth. Most people do not get home until after 6pm mainly due to the nature of their work or other social activities and asking them not to eat at this time is cruel. What matters is what you eat after 6pm; eating whole foods, vegetables and fresh fruits with good quality protein is healthier than snacking on a pizza and going to bed.

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