3 Accessories Every Home Gym Should Have

We’ll assume that you’ve got your choice of fitness equipment setup in your home gym already, because this article is specifically about those “little extras” you can get to improve not only the quality of your workouts, but your comfort levels while doing those workouts as well. These 5 things will help take your fitness routines to the next level by improving your home gym.
1. Towel And Spray
Just like at any other gym, you should have a towel and a spray bottle of cleaner handy. It’s important to treat your home gym with the same respect as you would treat an actual gym, because part of the importance of a successful home gym experience is being able to have the convenience of home, but without the comfort that can make us get lazy. So, wipe down your machine when you’re done just like you would anywhere else.

Also, keep another towel near by to wipe yourself down with, but make sure you don’t get it confused with your cleaning towel because you don’t want to be wiping that one on your face.

2. Accurate Scale
If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s best to not get obsessed with weighting yourself. If you have a high-quality and accurate scale in your home gym, you don’t need to take up that floor space in your bathroom. Also, rather than weighing yourself all day when you’re in the restroom, you’ll just do it before your workout and this can give you motivation to work out harder. Weighing yourself all day will stress you out whereas weighting yourself before a workout will help you work harder.

3. Heart-Rate Monitor
It’s important to keep an eye on your heart rate. We’ll go into more depth about monitoring your heart rate, how to monitor your heart rate and more in another article, but for now this is an excellent piece of gear to have in your home gym. You’ll want a decent heart rate monitor to make sure you’re in the correct zones while you’re working out, stay safe and get the most effective use of your time by being in the correct heart rate zones.

Other suggestions…
Along with the 3 items described above, you may also want to invest in a soft flooring. One way to do this on a budget is to get those giant foam puzzle pieces that are often used in kids rooms, or gym mats if there’s a place nearby where you can purchase them. This will help for any exercise that you do on the floor, such as yoga, Pilates, and a lot more.

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