10 Tips For Strength Training For Mom

Hey Mommas, here’s a look at 10 tips to get you started with strength training, whether or not you’ve got a lot of experience. Let’s cut right to the chase, here are 10 tips!
1. Start Slowly
Pace yourself and start slowly. Don’t start with massive weights, start small and work your way up in order to prevent injuries. Strength training is a process, so don’t try to rush it. It’s much better to gradually increase than to start at a level that’s going to burn you out right from the start.

2. Proper Form
Make sure you’re using proper form in all of your strength exercises. This is another very important step to take in order to avoid injuries.

3. Core Stability
Many women who haven’t done much strength training before will possess poor core stability, so ensure you’re working on the core area and paying extra care to your form while doing so.

4. Don’t Underestimate Strength
Many Moms don’t put enough emphasis on the importance of strength. They might think about losing belly fat, shedding a few pounds, but not take into mind the importance of simply being strong.

5. Get Enough Protein
Protein helps you build muscles, and many Moms who are getting into strength training simply aren’t going to get enough protein in their normal diets. You need more protein than what you’re going to get from a bowl of yogurt.

6. Want To Be Left Alone?
The universal signal for people to leave you alone in the gym is to put on a hair of headphones. If you don’t want people talking to you or approaching you, put on some headphones and chances are they’ll get the hint.

7. Focus On Your Best Parts
When a lot of Moms look in the mirror, they see the things they want to change. It’s easy to see your problem areas, but why not focus some time by admiring your best areas too?

8. Healthy Body Image
Working out can improve your body image, but you’ve got to remember that no matter how much you exercise in the gym, you’ve got to also exercise your mind in forming a positive body image of yourself.

9. Take A Complement
When someone offers a complement on your nicer physique, don’t be afraid to take it! If you feel like it’s been an eternity since anyone has found you attractive, it can cause you to put up your guard at first when you’re complemented.

10. Upper Body
Remember, there’s more to an upper body working than just arm exercises. Don’t forget about your shoulder, your back, your traps, and other muscles besides the arms that are in the upper body.

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